December 11, 2009

How to make a pom-pom fleece.

Do you remember the little orange pom-pom fleece
in a post a few weeks ago?
I did some research to figure out how it was made.
Hope this little description is clear enough.

So, you need a wooden frame, the distance between
the nails determines the size of the pom-poms.
There's a space of 3cm between the nails on the example
up here. The height of the nails is also 3cm.
Start the first layer with a strong cotton, you can
see here how the yarn runs round he nails.
Make a ferm knot in the beginning and at the end.
After that, you start winding the nails with a thick
and soft woolen thread.
The more windings the thicker the pom-poms.
At the end, tie off the crossings with a fine strong thread.
The woolen threads are cut through in the middle.

Many thanks to O.M. :-), who helped me with the research.
The coloured photos come from an old Phildar copy.
The Geolite has probably become extinct :-)

Have a nice weekend!


  1. waou! the bed cover looks fantastic!wish i had time to do it!
    gini !-)

  2. Oh wow, I do remember that beautiful post of your. I dunno if I will dare to give it a try, I feel my brain is melting trying to follow the instruction...I know probably I'm just thick!
    Thanks for sharing. X

  3. That bedspread is just brilliant!

  4. That is the best- I'm going to try it out this weekend.

  5. Esther Celina11/12/09 10:32 AM

    Hi Renilde,

    Mijn vlammetje stond op een laag pitje. Maar dankzij jouw blog, word ik behoorlijk 'hot'. Bedankt voor het vuur dat je doorgeeft...


    ps. Kan 't zijn dat je 'Het karrewiel' in Hove verwisselde met ''t Wolhoekje'?

  6. het ziet er fantastisch uit op dat grote deken, ik ben benieuwd wat het in een truitje geeft, of je dan niet te hobbelig en volumineus wordt.

  7. the best tutorial ever !

  8. Oh the cheery colours!! I am going to try this gorgeous project out when things slow down...mine will definitely be smaller.
    Thank you Thank you!! You are the sweetest! xoxo

  9. oh my goodness! amazing! are you going to make one? for me, that would be a life project. but oh! imagine the pleasure at your finished article! imagine!

  10. wow, do you think they did the bedspread all on one frame? or sewed together a bunch of smaller grids? imagine sitting on it. a cat would love it.

  11. Renilde, you are the best! So good you could track down those instructions and images. Now I can give it a try! Thanks so much for your research.


  12. amazing but lot's of work I guess

  13. this looks great!
    i remember making pompoms at school with cardboard circles.. did you ever do that?

  14. Gorgeous with all that colour.

  15. you are great!
    as a child i had stomachaches and a stomach pillow. it was a pom-pom pillow. or is it called cushion? i´ve missed it.

    after Christmas i´ll try your instructions!

  16. to Esther: 't wolhoekje, Akkerstraat, 89,
    ze is maar een paar dagen open in de week, ben vergeten wanneer, 03/454 59 50

    to Jokemijn: het zal dan wel een soort Viktor&Rolf model worden denk ik:)

    to Codger: it is sewn together, squares & triangles

    to everybody: I love that cover but i'm not going to make it for myself!!
    i think indeed it is a lot of work and a lot of material too.

    to Karen: i hope i was clear enough, you can always email me when needed, i wish you succes with the pom-poms :)

  17. Zou ik zo aan willen beginnen. Mooi.

  18. And these pictures are so inspiring.

  19. oh man!!! now i really, really want to make a pom pom bed spread, just like that:) lots of joy, in pom poms