December 22, 2009

Cold :-( .

Love snow but i can't stand the cold.
I have three enormous windows in my living room/
workplace, and very high ceilings, so it's
virtually impossible to warm this place sufficiently
with only one stove when it is freezing outside.
So i stay in the neighbourhood of the fire, what makes
my sphere of action very 'petit' and brings me in a
rotten mood sometimes.
But on the other hand, the cold is a suitable excuse
to do nothing and turn in a warm blanket to watch a movie.
Have you already seen 'In the mood for love'?
Definitely one of my favourites, love the soundtrack too!
Click here to see the trailer, what you hear is Yumeji's Theme.

Still from the movie.


  1. YES! In the mood for love definately comes in top 3 of my favourite movie list!!!! I don't know how many times i have seen it but i can enjoy so much each time:) Certainly the best of Wong Kar-Wai's works.

  2. yes, and it's one of my favourite too, one of the best love story ever!

  3. It has been so cold here, but no snow! I wish it was snowing this year, Christmas is coming near!
    I love that movie! I want all her dresses.

  4. i feel you - well i could if i wasn't so cold either. my house is Victorian and draughty with it. brrrrrrrrrrrr!

    i haven't seen that film - but i'll add it to my list! thanks for the tip.

    p.s. you're very photogenic.

  5. the snow is already gone here in paris makes me so sad
    i wanna a white christmas please dear mista santa

    i love the colors in your workplace

  6. niet gemakkelijk om een oud huis op te warmen, kennen hier het probleem, extra truitje hier, andere kamer te warm, rood hoofd...
    ik hou van jouw filmtips - gekocht of gehuurd?
    de trailer was zo mooi, ogen tekort

  7. Oh die heb ik in de les gezien, maar heb het einde gemist...

  8. Love "In the Mood for Love" and what a pretty blog you have! I'm so glad I found it :)

  9. I haven´t seen it, looks very beautiful.
    Your face Renilde, reminds me of someone, but I can´t recall who. But an old Hollywood actress I think :) I´ll get back If It turnes up in my mind.

  10. i havnt seen this. not sure if ill be able to find it but ill look!
    what you need is warm blankets, hot drinks and a good book :)

  11. Wong Kar-Wai!
    In the Mood for Love is a beautiful film...I adore the costumes in that movie. Chungking Express is great, too!

    Wishing you warmth in this Holiday Season!

  12. I agree with Elisabeth. You look a little like someone from a 40ies Hollywood movie.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  13. Love the top 3 photos. Black and white in color. Beautiful mood.

  14. jaaaa de soundtrack staat op mijn kerstlijstje! mooie foto's!

  15. hele mooie film, vond haar jurken zo mooi weergeven hoe ze zich zelf voelde
    en die foto van jou is ook prachtig...

  16. die heb ik nog niet gezien, iedereen vindt 'm blijkbaar leuk, dus ik heb iets in te halen. Vanavond Rain man, in m'n eentje thuis.

  17. Nice to see a photo of you!
    Hate the cold too although I do dream of going to Sweden to live!
    Haven't seen the film but I have heard good reports... enjoy your time "chilling out"!

  18. I'm not a fan of the cold either, I wish the warm weather comes to visit you soon. Good excuse to drink lots of hot chocolate to stay warm : )

    Have a beautiful Christmas day!!