April 29, 2012


The day started gray and gloomy, but wow!, what a beautiful
spring day it was this afternoon! 
(bought myself a black teapot yesterday :^)

April 26, 2012

A mixed lot, 14

I have't had the chance to take any pictures this last few days, so this
mixed lot is again an easy solution :^)

Summer mobile
Eppo in the woods (taken by Willy)
A drawing I got from an unknown little boy; the figure in the top corner
right under the sun is me;
the boy said he made me a rocket, so I could fly.
I didn't notice before that the flower in my hand is an exact copy of the sun :)
Easter egg.
Jasperine's hair.

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams!

April 23, 2012


a mobile for mr kitly....

an egg-shaped light spot on the ceiling....

billie, julian and eppo playing....

flowers :^)

April 22, 2012

A day in April.

Today was just another typical April day, cloudy with occasional
sun or a downpoor, so I gardened between the showers,
with a big mess as a result.
I like gardening, especially when it gets very dirty,
that's part of the fun :^)

Hope you had a nice Sunday too :^)

April 19, 2012


Babyboom#5 at ATELIER SOLARSHOP started today;

the shop will be open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 11:00 to 18:30 this and the next week.
There will be potholders for sale :^)

On the photo: My eight year old sister blows out the candles of
her birthday cake and the other one is my sister and I on the day
of her first communion.
On the birthday picture you can see on the top right a monstera, and
behind the sofa a sansevieria; I don't know how it went in the rest
of the world, but in the sixties every Flemish livingroom was adorned
with a couple of mother-in-law's tongue and one Monstera.
I remember those plants very well, and also the bamboo snake!
I think the plant in the left corner is a Fatsia Japonica.
The two blond cupids are my younger brothers :^)

By the way, I'm looking quite a while for a Monstera, a small one
that is not tied to a stick; every tip is welcome!

Have a nice evening!

April 13, 2012


Wishing a wonderful weekend for everyone!
nice :^)

April 11, 2012

My Rhipsalis.

I went plant shopping with Mieke the other day;
never thought I would ever buy a Rhipsalis; it's not really
a favourite of mine and sometimes I think they can be depressingly
ugly; but I immediately fell in love with this specimen, maybe because
there's something very illogical about this plant;
he's even hairy, almost like spider legs, although he's not part of the
cactus family. Weird.

I also bought a sedum, but it ended between my bicycle wheel during
our ride; you can see the result on picture two :^)
What about my other sedum, I think he too is not happy ,
its leafs are discolored and make me think a bit of chilblains,
they were fresh green last year.
He may need more attention :)

But the weather was fantastic last week!

Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

April 08, 2012

About eggs.

Don't need to say I've eaten a lot of eggs today, mostly chocolate
of course :)
the eggs in the picture are made by a Swiss friend of my sister;
it's an Easter tradition in Switzerland to cook eggs in a mixture
of onion peel and other herbs and roots, almost too pretty to eat!

I've found a tutorial here.

April 07, 2012

Happy Easter!

I'm off to my family now :^)

April 06, 2012


I was working on some mobiles today, actually I can hardly
claim that this is really 'working', if feels more like playing :)

They soon will be send to MR KITLY.

I wish you all a very nice and hopefully sunny Easter!
( because who wants to collect eggs in the rain? Nobody.)

April 03, 2012

My place.

I like to take pictures when the sun pops in, everything seems
so much nicer when it is topped with sunlight :)
this photo was taken last weekend, it was such a gloomy, gray day with
occasional drizzle, but by the evening the sun was there for only
a brief moment, just before she disappeared behind the roofs;
I think it is great to have a camera at such moments, it makes my day :)

... and I've seen the most whimsical lightspots this spring;
some time ago it was as if an embroidery was on fire!

... and I hope you don't mind to get bombarded with potholders
the first following weeks, because I have many to show you!

Toedeloe :)
and sweet dreams

( by the way, Tom Boonen has won The Tour.)
( would you like to take a look in my kitchen closet?? )