April 19, 2012


Babyboom#5 at ATELIER SOLARSHOP started today;

the shop will be open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
from 11:00 to 18:30 this and the next week.
There will be potholders for sale :^)

On the photo: My eight year old sister blows out the candles of
her birthday cake and the other one is my sister and I on the day
of her first communion.
On the birthday picture you can see on the top right a monstera, and
behind the sofa a sansevieria; I don't know how it went in the rest
of the world, but in the sixties every Flemish livingroom was adorned
with a couple of mother-in-law's tongue and one Monstera.
I remember those plants very well, and also the bamboo snake!
I think the plant in the left corner is a Fatsia Japonica.
The two blond cupids are my younger brothers :^)

By the way, I'm looking quite a while for a Monstera, a small one
that is not tied to a stick; every tip is welcome!

Have a nice evening!


  1. mooi! is dat die pannelap die ik zo mooi vind, daar? ligt die in de solar?

  2. deze is ook heel mooi, zo samen met die zwarte!

  3. beautiful memories, Renilde :)

  4. I am surprised monstera and sansevieria occupied also Flemish living rooms. That is probably the only thing eastern European and Flemish households had in common. Your brothers looked sweet, I would give them a hug.

  5. Love these family photos! They are so evocative of the era. I remembered indoor plants everywhere in my childhood but I can't remember what type ;) Kx

  6. I've been following your blog for quite a while now, but I don't remember if I've ever commented. I just have to say that I absolutely adore all the beautiful, fun things you make -- these potholders look so pretty and unique! (As do all your other creations, too.)

  7. those sansevieria and monstera look familiar to me too, maybe the same fashion in finnish homes in the seventies (we are anyway always a bit late in fashion here;) )
    it´s actually interesting to think what kind of plant and flowers everybody had/has in certain times. what is the thing everybody has nowadays..?

    colorjoy in your works again! so nice to see. especially on a grey day like this, it´s a rainy rain rain day here..

  8. bellefleurdelis20/4/12 1:30 AM

    misschien moet je is eens een keertje in tuincentrum abies gaan kijken op de herentalsebaan in deurne. je geraakt daar heel goed met tram 8. mijn monstera komt daar ook van. die is nu wel al heel hard gegroeid en er zat wel een stokje aan hem vast gemaakt toen in hem ging halen, maar soms hebben die daar ook een deel heel veel kleine plantjes.
    en ook weer mooi haakwerk!

  9. Oh, Renilde, een weetje: de meeste Monstera's in de plantencentra's zijn genetisch gemanipuleerd. Die hun bladeren blijven middelmatig. Terwijl de echte monstera's echt van die gigantisch grote bladeren, met onregelmatige gaten in (vele mooier vind ik). :-) Succes met de zoektocht.

  10. bedankt voor de tip Lotte, ik ben al eens in die abies geweest, maar toen hadden ze er geen; misschien moet ik er af en toe eens binnenwippen.

    aan Hermine: ha! dat wist ik niet! ja, ik wil een reuzemonstera :)

  11. fijne oude foto's met vervaagde kleuren
    ze passen prachtig bij de rest
    dat interieur doet denken aan dat van mij
    ook wij hadden dezelfde planten in de jaren '60
    onze monstera was enorm
    klom langs de wand tot aan het plafond


    fijn weekend!

  12. Hi Renilde,
    I think two of the unidentified plants might be Philodendrons (Philodendron selloum). I didn't know that they have been around in living rooms for so long...

  13. Hi Renilde, a smaller version of Monsteria that we have here in Australia is called Philodendron "Xanadu". It's really pretty and happy in pot, and doesn't keep trying to escape! The leaves are smaller, and it's more of a clumping plant.