April 26, 2012

A mixed lot, 14

I have't had the chance to take any pictures this last few days, so this
mixed lot is again an easy solution :^)

Summer mobile
Eppo in the woods (taken by Willy)
A drawing I got from an unknown little boy; the figure in the top corner
right under the sun is me;
the boy said he made me a rocket, so I could fly.
I didn't notice before that the flower in my hand is an exact copy of the sun :)
Easter egg.
Jasperine's hair.

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams!


  1. What a lovely collection of memories :) I love that drawing and Japerine's hair looks amazing! Kx

  2. And what a nice mixed lot it proved to be.

  3. I love them all , but especially that beautiful hairdo !
    The drawing's fascinating .... you were riding a flying cow at the time ?