October 28, 2015

me, last year in April, shooting some rubbish with W's lens

October 26, 2015

my inspirations

I bought some dark yellow tulips yesterday, they smelled like roses;
when unwrapping the flowers, the stems had become limp and quite some petals came loose, but they were stunning and ranged from bright yellow to soft orange and rusty brown; the bottom side cream white

J. Wolkers calls a flower meadow a 'tapestry of joy'

I'm loving the darkest brown of a chestnut

October 22, 2015

morning haze and dew drops

October 19, 2015

abandoned summerhouse
amethyst deceiver

October 15, 2015

a mix from last summer

October 13, 2015

garden at dusk

October 12, 2015

floating islands

Sophie has updated her beautiful webshop, including my cushions and potholders :)
see also the Earth . Rope . Pot . Plant book
and check out their tumblr too, so nice!

October 10, 2015

October 09, 2015

turkey tail

October 08, 2015

walk in the woods with Billie and Julian
4 shaggy ink caps on a row
and grumpy parasol mushroom
both edible

October 07, 2015

H collecting pine cones

October 06, 2015

new cushions at Beklina and I/OBJECT

October 05, 2015

October 03, 2015

it seems like an eternity since I made my last viewmater series; the last one dated from april 2013!
but here it is finally, a mushroom mix :)

October 02, 2015

new cushions at Atelier Solarshop
for bigger size, look at my flickr pages
happy weekend all!