July 31, 2010

Metropolis, 3

Have a nice weekend everybody :-)

July 28, 2010

blue moon.

Fly spots turn brown on white and...

white on black.

That's an empirical conclusion :-)

I also made a Blue Moon mobile shooting last summer.

Sleep well.

July 24, 2010


Visit from Daan&Nathaly last week; he was wearing
my winterboots although the temperature was
near 30°C :-)
I think my solar cushion needs some extra rows.
Have a nice weekend!

July 20, 2010

Metropolis, 2

Again a few years later :-)

People sometimes ask me if I could give them any
advice about the materials I use, well, I buy everything
what I can find for a giveaway price in thrift stores
and flea markets, and friends often give me their remnants;
this series is embroidered with DMC, that is pretty
expensive, but I also used ordinary knitting cotton,
the threads are composed off 12 fine fibres and
you can pull them off the same way as you do with DMC,
and that makes it much cheaper!
The painting is Brueghel's Tower of Babel.

next: more people coming.
sorry again for that moiré effect; please double click.

July 18, 2010


I'm working on a new pincushion series:
'Metropolis, a growing city'

you can see the first pioneers in photo 1&2


... 3&4 date from a few years later...

More people coming!
Goodnight :-)

ps.that moiré effect disappears when you enlarge the
photo after opening.

July 13, 2010

The garden.

some photos of my terrace:
coeur de boeuf tomatos, parsley and chives.

coriander which has bolted...

and also the marjoram, but that's ok; the flowers
attract bumblebees, which i need to fertilize my
tomato plants.

mint and cherries from the supermarket.

July 11, 2010

For Al, a white story.

I stay at home in my underwear and try to cool
down by sticking my head under the shower,
or in the kitchensink from time to time; that's
where a have met Al for the first time.
I dedicate this poem to him for he died from a broken
toe , unable to hunt anymore.
These images came popping up in my head after an almost
sleepless night, they only needed some editing to give
them sense, I think the poem is done now;
you might recognize some images of Dante's
famous Inferno and other stuff, but I guess that is
what automatic writing is, a mix of impressions and
thoughts, as in a dream.

here we go :-)


July 08, 2010

Some ships.

Love browsing in this book, especially chapter
ships and...

ships at war.

I'm thinking about another

with Moby-Dick as the leading man :-)

We'll see.

July 06, 2010

Camera obscura.

Funny tiny lightspots appear all over the
place on sunny days; I once have read in a
sciencebook for children that these bright discs are
formed by little holes in the leafage of a tree for example,
and that they're in fact projections of the sun; so, after
I was intoduced by this phenomenon, I started to
search for these spots everytime I had a walk in the woods,
however, to my regret, I have never met any on my
expeditions :-)
Now they come popping up with hundreds in my
appartment, thanks to my Wisteria, who acts, when the
sun is shining as a camera obscura.
I was working on some kind of smyrna-sun too this weekend,
with coloured solar spots , and if you look closer you can see
an unexpected protuberance too :-)

Illustration by Rob Marcelis.
The word in the middle means 'pyjama party'

Tomorrow sunny again,
Sleep well :-)