July 20, 2010

Metropolis, 2

Again a few years later :-)

People sometimes ask me if I could give them any
advice about the materials I use, well, I buy everything
what I can find for a giveaway price in thrift stores
and flea markets, and friends often give me their remnants;
this series is embroidered with DMC, that is pretty
expensive, but I also used ordinary knitting cotton,
the threads are composed off 12 fine fibres and
you can pull them off the same way as you do with DMC,
and that makes it much cheaper!
The painting is Brueghel's Tower of Babel.

next: more people coming.
sorry again for that moiré effect; please double click.


  1. ik vind de kleine molens helemaal geweldig

  2. these metropolis with the citizens are really nice:)

  3. Very nice. I do like to click and enlarge the photo - very helpful to see up close!

  4. I really really like this new work!

  5. gosh you are clever!!!!!!!! so beautiful!

  6. sigh!! you are soooo good! love the new work!!

  7. lovely!
    (i just blogged you.)

  8. Echt prachtig, schoon. Als de naaldenkussentjes klaar zijn wil ik en wel één !

  9. waw! I love this!! Your work is really something special!!

  10. Prachtig! duidelijke taal jou werk.
    …geloof dat er in jouw nieuwe stad geen sprake is van babylonische spraakverwarring. ;)

    ben nog altijd blij met jouw fijne werkje! staat te pronken op de veilingkistjeskast.

  11. so beautiful as one - almost sad to cut them up.

  12. I really got a kick out of this post. What a pictorial brainwave. I am so happy I discovered your blog.
    Oh yes, and they do look so lovely together, but perhaps the owners can take photos of them and they can be reunited later via collage?

  13. I really like your stitching!!

  14. fantastic Renilde!!!!
    (as always)
    have a nice summer

  15. This is gorgeous embroidery! Whenevee I look at your blog I want to embroider - I even got a book out of the library last week to remind me of the basic stitches. I love all the windmills and towers in your metropolis.

  16. all these nice encouragements give me a real boost, so thanks a lot everybody :-)

  17. Renilde!!!
    Your work is so inspiring. Just beautiful. It makes me so happy. I posted on my blog about it. Hope this is ok!