July 01, 2010


Worked in the Tea Box Studio all day :-)
I've got two more characters now: Tim&Tom and their tree,
from the fleamarket.
2. Erupting volcano.
3. Dancing fly; I don't know what species this animal
was, but it danced in geometrical patterns, like a
character of the Triadic Ballet.
Look here, so you can see how she was moving, very
funny for an insect!
It is so hot here, tomorrow 36°C!
Sweet Dreams.


  1. I love the way you put photos together - hot here too - don't melt :)

  2. Great market finds Renilde! Your little soldiers are so cute :) Can't believe it's 36°C... does it always get that hot? Hope you find somewhere cool for your day :) Kx

  3. I loooove the dancing flies, I wish flies were so cute and delicate here! ;^)
    Enjoy the hot summer...remember the cold, cold winter?

  4. oh! oscar schlemmer! Ik had al heel erg vaak beelden gezien maar nog nooit een filmpje.

  5. tijd om de koelte op te zoeken in een theedoos!

  6. Een kleine verrassing: http://herminevandijck.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/award/

  7. bedankt voor die mooie beelden,ga direct een draadje draaien... genoeg inspiratie gekregen!
    zonnige groetjes zjé

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