January 31, 2012

A vintage shop for 4 days.

Thursday next, there will be a 4-day pop-up at atelier solarshop;
My pillows will be for sale and also the little furs.
And potholders of course!

Thank you all for the sweet words on my previous post :^)

January 29, 2012

A mixed lot, 12

1 Wrapped the black&brown smyrna pillow, tomorrow it will
be sent to the UK.
2 Lovely pattern by Aaron Siskind, found via a pale novel
3 A walk in November
4 Still life in my room
5 Wet leaves on new years eve.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

January 27, 2012

My week.

I've been through a weird and busy week, filled with dull jobs
and unpleasant things that needed to be done urgently
this is my top 3 against little nervous breakdowns when your
free time is rather limited:

1 watch a good movie
2 take care of your plants and make sure there are always
fresh flowers in your house
3 make small walks in your neighborhood and take your
camera with you.

Painting balls also helps; those on the photo had a three layer
glossy varnish.
The rider in bearskin comes from 'True Gritt'.

Have a nice weekend all!

January 21, 2012

Gift from a friend.

A nice set of embroidered fabric samples :^)

Happy weekend!

January 18, 2012

A mixed lot, part 11

1 Cuberdons on New Year's Eve chez Luc&Zjé;
( cuberdon or neuzeke, which means 'little nose'
is a typical Belgian sweet)
2 My very first woven piece on my own loom
3 Brushes
4 September bouquet
5 = 2

I got a special post on Designskool,
thank you so much Justine!
and thanks all for the nice words on my previous post :^)

January 16, 2012

Black&white, or almost.

When looking back at my flickr pages, I'm a little embarrassed
about the poor quality of my pictures, especially those of my
sampler are really no class, brrr.
So, if the weather is ok, I mean, when there's enought light,
I will try to make some better ones, soon!
The pictures here are from a small piece of sampler; I was trying out
some leaves and flowers in different stitches; the black shapes are
a combination of crochet and embroidery, it was fun to do!
The cute cat is Amy, Luc & Zjé's pet, love the black pads
under her right leg :^)

Have a nice evening & sweet dreams!

January 13, 2012


Finally some sun today!
It gives me energy :^)

I was painting balls for a new set of mobiles,
played with the blocks for a while,
then browsed in a book of Oscar Schlemmer
and made some pictures of the light that occasionally
lit up my room.
I tried a few compositions with the wooden
plates, but I'm still not quite sure what I want.
We'll see :^)

Have a nice weekend all!

January 11, 2012

My plants.

New life and wild times gone by...

I've got a few stems of an umbrella palm to take root; they're
now for about two weeks with their leaves down into the water,
so I wonder when the first roots will appear.
Maybe tomorrow :^)

What about the the Nepenthes, could it be a carnivorous
becomes harmless once he's domesticated and cared for? The thing is,
the plant is doing very well but makes no more traps; the last
one was about two years ago and has now completely dried.

Or is it just laziness?
I would do the same of course!
Goodnight & Sweet dreams :^)

Tree of Life, love!!!

January 08, 2012


My room during the blue hour and at noon and...

in the evening, a nice dinner with a friend who recently came
to live in Antwerp :^)

Hope you had a nice weekend too!

January 05, 2012

Cocooning, 2

Strong winds, thunder, rain and hail almost the size of a
snowberry :^)
stayed indoors for two days with a sore throat and a running nose,
wrapped in a woolen blanket reading
Manhattan Transfer and browsing some magazines and photo books


I wish for a bit of sun, no wind and a peaceful thick carpet of snow and then
make a nice walk in the woods!

Jardin du Luxembourg by Edouard Boubat
Sixteenth century embroidery, found here

January 04, 2012

Looking after Stella, 2.

Photo 1,2 & 4 were taken on that sunny Thursday hour;
the photo of the garden dates from November.