January 11, 2012

My plants.

New life and wild times gone by...

I've got a few stems of an umbrella palm to take root; they're
now for about two weeks with their leaves down into the water,
so I wonder when the first roots will appear.
Maybe tomorrow :^)

What about the the Nepenthes, could it be a carnivorous
becomes harmless once he's domesticated and cared for? The thing is,
the plant is doing very well but makes no more traps; the last
one was about two years ago and has now completely dried.

Or is it just laziness?
I would do the same of course!
Goodnight & Sweet dreams :^)

Tree of Life, love!!!


  1. ha, carnivores loosing interest in meat, i was thinking about that too as my man seems to do so as well. i never wanted him to become a vegetarian as it seemed that he couldn't live without meat but recently he is asking more and more if i could cook vegetarian dishes...

    beautiful tree of life! have you seen terence malicks film?
    i loved it, but not everyone did!
    have a wonderful weekend

  2. I loved that movie! And those little boys were amazing.

  3. oooohhh ...love that tree of life , thanks for the link to the met renilde :)