May 28, 2010

Pleasant chaos, but...

Thanks a lot everybody for your nice words about
my new appartment :-)
Hope to be back soon here, but for the moment
I need to make some order into this house; this
mess is not really beneficial to my creativity!

I'll be back as quickly as possible!!

May 24, 2010

Pleasant chaos.

I desperately need more shelves and there's so
much to be done yet but I had a 'dolce far niente' day;
sunshine makes every chaos bearable :-)
The middle pic is an improvised supply closed in the
Lily-of-the-valley present; did some gardening too,
more photos later.

May 23, 2010

My new home, 5

The morninglight...

... in my new appartment!
Happy Sunday everybody

May 21, 2010

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving tomorrow at noon and I will take with
me: my sweetheart Arthur, Barbarella, Jean Valjean,
Marcel, the Elk, Ben & Eugène, Little Joe, Popo & Benny
and all the animals of the forest, even the Big Red one;
I'm taking too the animals of the dark room,
both the extincted and those who have existed
for a long time, everybody is coming with me, they
all meet at the birdhouse, except Little Joe, he's in my
pocket for he's too teeny-weeny:-)
( but brave! )

It's gonna be a tough day tomorrow, but at the end
a sunny and cosy house will welcome us :-)
Have a nice weekend everybody!

Bye, bye Garden :-)
( a red, green and white story )

May 19, 2010

About children.

Utopia Children's House; children set up a Christmas
scene with their own arts and crafts. NY 1930

Me as a horse, I'm the one with
those ridiculous white shoes, probably from my
first Communion;
I can remember the fight with my mom very well,
I've had countless discusions with her about clothing
ever since I was a young girl;
this one was about the colour of my shoes; our teacher
had charged us to wear white socks, black shoes, black
leggings and a white shirt for the school party;
this was mom's logic: If black is the standard,
than white is good enough;
you can see the result here, what a flop :-)

For more New York photos look here.

May 18, 2010

Farewell to my old place.

I took these photos while it was already growing dark,
that's why they are so unsharp; this post is meant as
a bye bye to my old place and kitchen for my life has
completely changed since I moved in here some three
years ago and I did love this place very much :-)
The bottom pic with the paprika boxes was my favourite
depot in the kitchen, I'm clearing it out now, the boxes
keep coming like rabbits out of a hat :-)
I also bumped into the lost mayonaise, Billie's favourite
sauce :-)

The Move is on saturday!

May 15, 2010

My new home, 4

Can't wait to move into my new place, the light
is so absolutely gorgeous here!

I'm on my ladder now;
that coloured square on the floor is my summerscarf;
for some time, I was very into heraldic style, with
clashing colours like these :-)

The orange scarf from some posts ago date from the same period.

Happy Weekend again!

New arrivals from outer space.

Meet Eppo :-)

The shootings of the ufo's were produced in my
Have a nice weekend everybody :-)
by the way, I'm a great-aunt now!

May 11, 2010

Empty shelves.



The shelves are nearly empty now and the greater part
of my materials is stored in boxes; don't like this part of the moving
for I'm missing my daily routine with the toys and fabrics and yarns
and everything, and besides, my place is not homey anymore.

by way of distraction, I was taking some photos
-could be the last ones in this appartment- on
differend moments while emptying the shelves:

1. evening shot
2. morning shot
4. night shot
5. noon shot

I came across with some lost objects too, such as
my thermometer and the Big Red Animal's eyeballs,
if you click on photo 5 you can see them in the
bottom left corner of the shelve, so funny to see
these frightening objects in another perspective :-)



Everything is ok
You see :-)

May 09, 2010

New life, part two.

I was trying out some Hocus Pocus with the
avocadostone last night; the regular procedure
is going far to slow for me :-)

this morning there was a crack!
You can even make out a potato face if you look closer!
Cheers for Experimental Research :-)

Happy Sunday :-)
Look here for New Life part one.
The silkpainting is a detail from a scarf.

May 07, 2010

Some washing instructions.

I was browsing in my sketchbook this morning;
these drawings were meant as a care label, but
eventually I decided to keep it easy with a simple

May 05, 2010

My new home, 3

The move will be on May 22, at Whitsuntide :-)