May 03, 2010


I used to paint flowers on silk a lot, especially
peonies; this one is another of the many colourversions
I once have made from the same flowerdesign;
I've never had plans with these paintings; just
couln't stop inventing new colour combinations :-)
The weeping woman with the peonies is a press cutting and
silly me, I've cut off some important information,
such as the name of the photographer:-(
But I do remember that this Ukrainian woman got visit from her
family when she stayed in a mental home and that they brought
her some peonies from her own garden.
I also remember I got this photo from the weekend supplement
of 'De Morgen', some three years ago.
Does anyone remember the name of the photographer?
I would be very pleased if you could tell me!
Good Night.


  1. those silk paintings are so lovely. and ): (is that the right way to express a sad face with an emoticon?) i don't know who the photographer is. sorry, hope someone can fill you in!

  2. oh what a powerful photo of the woman smelling the peonies the juxtaposition of the 3 images renilde

  3. Pioenrozen. Mijn favorieten. En ze ruiken zo lekker. In mijn perkje staat een struikje. Mijn grootvader had hem nochtans uitgedaan. Drie jaar geleden schoot de struik uit. Eerste jaar zonder bloem. Vorig jaar met één knop die verdroogde. Nu één knop opnieuw en ik heb het gevoel dat deze zal openbloeien.
    Misschien maak ik er een bericht dan van.
    In Gent (Dampoortstraat) is er een vrouw met brocantewinkel die pioenrozen van eigen kweek, in alle kleuren en vormen, verkoopt in haar winkeltje. Meestal rond eind mei.

  4. Diezelfde foto hangt al jaren hier in de keuken,ik kijk er elke dag opnieuw naar wanneer ik voorbij loop , die vrouw blijft me boeien.
    Ook uit de bijlage van "De Morgen",en weet niet wie de fotograaf is maar nu wil ik het ook echt wel weten.

  5. i love the colour scheme in that peony print, it's so lovely! and these 3 photos together look perfect!!!

  6. This is a lovely display of photos. I've had a long love affair with peonies, since childhood. They are so fleeting that I have to cut many bouquets and leave them about the house so I can breathe in the lovely scent. Who cares that ants seem to come into the house with them, hidden within the petals!

  7. Lots of love here... I love that photo of the Ukrainian woman with your story... and I love that bottom photo... and I really love Susan Sontag! Thanks Renilde :) Kx

  8. what a wonderful collection of images!

  9. you mastermind of photo collections!

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