May 29, 2012

Il dolce far niente.

I got home from work a few hours earlier than expected,
I was going to use this extra time in a very useful way,
eventually I browsed some cookbooks and than took a long
nap under the umbrella :^)

 De Zon Op Je Bord

May 26, 2012


Hi folks, I'm a bit lazy the last few days; blame it to
the beautiful weather!
But everything's growing at a dizzying speed now, the Wisteria on head;
I have to cut it every few days, otherwise, the kitchen window is
overgrown in no time!

Hard work :^)

Have a nice&long weekend all!

May 21, 2012

Last week.

Made a fur patchwork, only for the fun, so I haven't sewn them together.

Me on the roof with my apron on, I'm always wearing that apron,
but it strikes me now that I'm increasingly start to look
like my grandmother! I will show some more pictures of her on another
Photo taken by S.

That cute dog is Noor.
And I've hung a curtain in the closet to hide the clutter a bit.

so, my week was nice but the weather was BAD :^)

May 18, 2012


The honey bees start to swarm now,
it is really beautiful!
I tasted some pure royal jelly, right out of the cocoon, the larva
was still there :^)
The little girl on the sandpile is the beekeeper's daughter, long time ago;
she recently started a flickr.

happy weekend all!

The Spirit of the Beehive, you got to see this movie!

May 13, 2012


 I've found this skirt in the thrift store the other day, too big for
me, and far too long, but I very much like the print - remind
me a bit of Sonia Delaunay's designs - so,
my plan is to make a dress of it, quite simple, with shoulder straps;
at least there's enough material.


 Went to see this movie, thrilling!
Good night & Sweet dreams :^)

May 10, 2012


Hello everyone!
Last week, a whole bunch of potholders and mobiles arrived at
Alessandra's place;
they will be for sale at KNOTS from tomorrow, including this brown
and blue one on the photo.

Kinfolk also available at knots.
I got some branches of cow parsley, so this is my first wildflower
bouquet this year; I hope it will stop raining, sigh



May 06, 2012

On the road in The Hague.

A papier-maché sculpture in a window and a boy chasing pigeon,
and Calder of course :^)

May 04, 2012


The cactus is making new shoots and the Rhipsalis is growing
small red fruits, and I finished the poppypotholder :^)
and I will finally go to the Calder exhibition this weekend.

Happy weekend all!

May 02, 2012


The potholders arrived at MR KITLY shop!
... and also some cushions and mobiles.
They're all on my flickr.

Ceramic teapot made by Shino Takeda, love!
MR KITLY news.

The ceramic blue 'thing' in the first pic comes from the thriftstore,
it has cost me 0,20€, but I don't know what it is;
I can vaguely distinguish an upright and a pendulous blue ear :^)

reminds me of
Donnie Darko, one of my favourite movies!

Sweet dreams :^)