May 29, 2011


They forecast 30°C for tomorrow, so we don't
need our gloves anymore :^)
Found the tutorial here.
Happy gloves.


May 27, 2011


Some studio photos of the wormhole series;
I'm very happy with all these details & colors :^)

Click on the pictures to enlarge, they're very detailed!
Wormhole on flickr.
More photos in a next post.

Have a nice weekend!

May 24, 2011


In the mailbox this morning, the lovely storage buckets
from the bookhou at home giveaway :^)
One is already on the shelf in the livingroom, the other in
the bathroom.
Thanks a lot Arounna!!!

b.a.h. mag

May 23, 2011


The ruccola sprouts are doing well, but I'm a bit
concerned about the chinese chives; they say
it's an easy plant and the flowers are fit for
consumption too, but these crops look quite poorly
in my opinion; maybe I need more patience, we'll see.

Allium stipatatum or White Giant movie :^)

It's a good thing these animals can't fly :^)

Goodnight and Sweet dreams!

May 21, 2011

Some pictures from last week.

The Green Slime
... was on TV :^)

Mom's Dior,
Nina's Coco Chanel drawing,

Have a nice weekend everybody!

May 18, 2011

More trimmings.

Almost can't believe the Wisteria and Virginia
Creeper are growing that fast
! But I do like the trimming,
it's a relaxing and nice job.
The sun was still shining when I got home in the evening :^)

Old Lilac tree in Katleen's garden.

My ruccola sprouts.
More gardening in another post!

Goodnight :)

May 15, 2011

Red orchard, part two

I finished the Red Orchard embroiderie last week
and made a few changes as you can see,
some trees are removed again and some are new,
also the red house in the middle and the white one
in the left corner. I'm not quite sure about the
composition, could be I will do some more small
changes, we'll see.
The embroiderie below with the sunrise you already know;
I'm only showing this one again because they are both
part of the Land of Rivers series.
The cactus in photo 3 is not exactly a plant that grows near a
river but it reminds me a bit of the ball tree :^)
I took that picture from this book.
The photo with the string of hearts in the
morninglight was taken on my terrace.

Goodnight :^)

May 13, 2011

Bambi in 3D.

You need to blur your eyes to see the 3D image;
if it doesn't work well, you can always practice your
technique with the Sausage Finger Trick; the animal
that will appear resembles the one in the picture
below, only this one is a deer.

From my schoolbook when I was 8 :^)

Pina Bausch movie, so beautiful!!!

Happy weekend everybody!

May 09, 2011

My home.

A super cosy wood pigeon nest in the Wisteria,
a panda plate made by Nina, the girl downstairs,
flowering sage on the terrace in the evening light.
It is almost a year now since I moved in here,
really love this place ...
however, still got a lot to finish here...
such as moving my bed to the bedroom;
but I always find a good excuse to put off this unpleasant job,
the bed is still there where it was one year ago...
in the livingroom
but who cares :^)

Good Night!

May 06, 2011


I was making more labels last week; I kept the same design
with a glossy front glued on a somewhat fluffy back.
Till now I'm rounding the corners with a toy device from
the hobby shop, which is already blunt; I would love
to have a more professional one, however, I don't know how
this device calls and where I can get it; is there anyone
who can give me a tip?

The pink and blue polkadot silk fabric was a present from
White lilacs from a very nice garden and
Cow Parsley in the first picture.

Have a nice weekend everybody!
Tomorrow 27°C :^)

May 02, 2011

Red orchard.

More knitting samplers that I got as a present
from a friend; these are all school exercices.

The embroiderie belongs to the Land of Rivers project;
I'm only showing some details because the work is
not yet finished; more photos in another post :^)