September 29, 2013


I went for a walk this afternoon to the botanical garden in the center of Antwerp; inside this garden there's a prairie garden that I wanted to see again after I had read an article about Piet Oudolf in an old issue of Elle Decoration;
I'm an admirer of Oudolf's gardens, especially the prairie gardens cause they are constantly changing

Bart & Pieter and interview at coffeeklatch 

the koi were not part of de prairie garden, but I liked them and I think they fit well 
more Oudolf

September 27, 2013

a package for tokyo

new potholders soon for sale at UGUiSU, and this cushion too;
photoshoot in my bedroom :)

do you remember arthur and his rhyme?
happy weekend all!

September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

fall 2

pretty, but not edible

September 22, 2013


gorgeous light today!
we've been hunting for chanterelles this afternoon, just enough for a yummy omelette :^)

September 20, 2013

my cluttered house 2013

Same props and furniture, the same mess as a year ago, only the place and the plants have changed; eyecatcher of the room now is the papyrus, a giant bush that doesn't stop making new shoots and needs two liters of water everyday; the lavender and horntree, left in the picture have grown substantially; the staghorn on the right is about the same. Newcomers are the sansevieria - a gift from a friend when I moved in here - and some cacti (not in the picture)
The plant left on the cabinet is my young monstera which is doing very well.
The shoots of the aloë urgently need some soil.
For the last few weeks, I'm almost constantly working to get my orders on time, hence the mess in the house :^)
a bunch of new cushions coming up!!

Happy weekend all :^)

September 16, 2013


just some pictures of home; love the colors of the fall...
and looking forward to go mushroom hunting :)

September 15, 2013

sunday morning ...

... started with a pile of dishes
and with the memory of a fine and cosy saturday night :)

September 14, 2013


these pics were taken some time ago; the plane tree in front of my window, during the storm and the white poplar on a walk in Hoboken polder; it was very windy.
hiki's new online store
I love the way the images jump from front to back, like a psychedelic animation :^)

September 09, 2013


new cushion with yellow spot and eddy are for sale now at atelier solarshop!

September 06, 2013


picture 1&2, atelier solarshop
gorgeous ceramics by Katharina Trudzinsky
the cactus above is my latest purchase :)

happy weekend all!

September 04, 2013

my place

have a peek at eefje de coninck blog; she was here to take some pictures of my home and me :)
her flickr and website
thanks Eefje!