March 31, 2012

Big Bang.

The 96th Tour of Flanders will start tomorrow morning
at 10:00, so let me introduce you some famous Belgians
together with some new potholders :^)

Eddy Merckx, our most famous cyclist of the seventies you
probably already know, but the other one, Georges Lemaître
is slightly less known but my favorite, because he was the founder
of the Big Bang theory!!!
And much more.

For the record, George is the priest next to Einstein.

I've put the potholder pictures on my flickr pages in their
original size, so you can have a closer look of the Tour :)

Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

March 26, 2012

Blue mushroom.

I've never seen these in real, too bad, they grow in
Australia by the way; but I was very much
inspired by them when I was making this blue potholder;
especially the dark, mysterious spot in the centre got my attention;
it looks very toxic however, not really suitable for use in the kitchen!

The mushrooms in the picture suddenly appeared in one of the flower pots,
and after two days they were already gone, that's life :^)

Asparagus Fern shadows in the sunlight; did you know that this plant
purifies the air?

Mieke's new website.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams!

March 21, 2012

A mixed lot, 13

Hello everyone,
I haven't had the time yet to take
any pictures of the things I'm working on, so I post this
mixed lot 13; these are all pictures from inside and outsite
my home.

I've bought the hedgehog brush last week;
saw it at mieke's place :)
The woven sample is mine, however,
can't remember the technique.

Good Night!

March 16, 2012


A mobile for a nursery

An illustration from a craft book that I've found in the
thrift store the other day

The stems of Miscanthus are bright red on the inside,
I discovered it while I was cutting the grasses

Another illustration from the same book

Paper beads

Have a nice weekend all :^)

March 13, 2012

Blossoming branch.

I couldn't resist this blossoming branch on my walk last Sunday;
can't wait until the first wildflowers will appear :^)

I love those strips of sunlight on the fabric; would
be very happy with a tablecloth in this pattern.
found it here.

Sweet Dreams :)

March 11, 2012


What a gorgeous weather it was today!
I had a walk with friends & a big icecream of course :)
The fuzzy ball in the middle of the picture above is a sunbathing
bumblebee, she sat there motionless on a blossom, could be
she was just waking from hibernation, who knows.

I started a new set of potholders, more pictures later.

March 08, 2012

My garden.

I have not really started gardening, only stuffed some succulents
in the holes of the terrace wall, I think they are cute, but
I'm not sure they will thrive that way, so I'm keeping some in a pot,
just to be sure :)

The Papyrus is rooting & sprouting, yay :^)
Good night & Sweet dreams!

March 02, 2012

Wrapping paper.

Some time ago, I've found a small piece of this cute wrapping
paper, I have not really done the effort to find out where they
sell it, but if any of you can give me a tip I would be very grateful :^)

Eppo & Julian in the snow.
photo taken by Jasperine.

Dried sunflowers.

My mobiles at OEN :)
Have a nice weekend!