March 31, 2012

Big Bang.

The 96th Tour of Flanders will start tomorrow morning
at 10:00, so let me introduce you some famous Belgians
together with some new potholders :^)

Eddy Merckx, our most famous cyclist of the seventies you
probably already know, but the other one, Georges Lemaître
is slightly less known but my favorite, because he was the founder
of the Big Bang theory!!!
And much more.

For the record, George is the priest next to Einstein.

I've put the potholder pictures on my flickr pages in their
original size, so you can have a closer look of the Tour :)

Good Night & Sweet Dreams.


  1. Oh how fabulous! You are so clever Renilde :) I love your 'Tour' potholders and I love these stories too. Have fun watching the Tour :)

  2. Renilde, I love this post so much ;).

  3. oh ik moet er zo om lachen, koersen en wetenschap in één bericht,
    het wordt een mooie zondag dus

  4. ;^))
    tour en toer
    helemaal goed!
    en je potholders
    ... zucht ...
    zo fijn!
    ik heb geen potholders
    nee, ik lieg, ik heb er twee
    an kurk
    heel lelijk

  5. onze pa zal weer voor de tv hangen dan :-)

    leuk die nieuwe potholders!

  6. your work is so inspiring and it's like a work of art!!

  7. I did enjoy this tour and the potholders are fab.I especially like the pompoms one. x

  8. What a delightful and interesting tour! :)

  9. Why I wrote two comments?
    the first one disappeared last night, I got confused and wrote another one :-)