October 31, 2010

kites, spacecrafts and balloons.

You might recognize this design; as you can see I
picked the other one for the Wormhole series, but
I like this one too; I took purple, yellow, cream,
peach and brown for the spacecraft; difficult to
distinguish on the photo; the drop top left is bright

detail of the drop

In 1960 Joe Kittinger jumped from a specialised
hot air balloon at 103,000 feet, he fell to Earth
at the speed of sound.
look here and here to see his jump.

October 29, 2010

Kreatief met kurk.

I saw this funny book in the public library,
department recreation and crafting; people from
Holland and Belgium might remember the satirical
television program 'Kreatief met kurk' from 1993;
so, this is not a craftsbook, and certainly not for
children!! if you don't believe me, look here.

But at the end of the series in 1994, they had a real
retrospective at Amsterdams Stedelijk Museum :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Stocksale at atelier solarshop.

October 23, 2010

Craigie Horsfield.

I went to see Craigie Horsfield's tapestries at the
M HKA; it is hard to believe, but these huge textiles
were woven on a jacquard loom; it felt a bit like
looking at a 17th century old painting. Wow!

Have a look at Hermine's blog too; she has made
some beautiful pictures from the exhibition.

Have a nice weekend everybody :-)

By the way, the tapestries were made in a
small company in Flanders.

October 18, 2010

My viewmaster, a mini walk.

Do you remember my viewmaster project?
If not, look here and here.


October 16, 2010

Painting balls.

When I need to paint some balls for the mobiles,
I always prick them on a skewer, so, after some
time they start to show their own rainbow patina;
reminds me a bit of this nice handbag, covered
with peacock feathers.

My cluttered house.

Have a nice weekend :-)

October 14, 2010

Paper Wonderland.

Present from Kay, a cute little book from 1953,
how to make your own wonderland in paper :-)
Thanks Kay!
For more vintage books, have a look at her shop.

October 12, 2010

The garden of Luc and Zjé.

Great garden and a chance meeting with the
Dalton Gang, wow :-)

October 08, 2010

Presents from Alessandra!

This was in my mail this morning: a beautiful
and a hanging basket!
I have tried every possible plant, but eventually
i liked the string of hearts the most; what do you think?

Thanks a lot Alessandra and
Happy weekend everybody :-)
Have a look at Alessandra's shop too!

October 04, 2010

A garden...

... on a rainy day.

October 01, 2010

For Kylie, a movie.

I had a short meeting with Kylie from 3 sheets
some time ago;
we were both quite nervous, so I helped Kylie
to finish her packet of mint cigarettes :-)
(sorry Kylie I bring your little secret into the open :)
So, we smoked and had cafe latte and talked about
our lives and work and getting older; we both
want to go on as long as we can.
So, I was telling Kylie about a spirited old lady,
who makes the braidings for the typical Chanel
suit, look here, her story starts at 2:40,
(she has a huge atelier above the stables!)

That lovely towel on my chair is a present from
Kylie, thanks again friend :-)

My new cupboard for the kitchen and pineapple