October 01, 2010

For Kylie, a movie.

I had a short meeting with Kylie from 3 sheets
some time ago;
we were both quite nervous, so I helped Kylie
to finish her packet of mint cigarettes :-)
(sorry Kylie I bring your little secret into the open :)
So, we smoked and had cafe latte and talked about
our lives and work and getting older; we both
want to go on as long as we can.
So, I was telling Kylie about a spirited old lady,
who makes the braidings for the typical Chanel
suit, look here, her story starts at 2:40,
(she has a huge atelier above the stables!)

That lovely towel on my chair is a present from
Kylie, thanks again friend :-)

My new cupboard for the kitchen and pineapple


  1. altijd een beetje spannend om iemand te ontmoeten die je enkel via beelden en tekst kent.
    Je hebt een geweldig mooie keukenkast gevonden!

  2. Ah, the kitchen hutch has made it to your home! It looks lovely.
    No worries about secret ciggies. It was fun sharing them for once ;)
    Glad you like the tea towel :) So happy we met up + I hope we can again. Thanks Renilde :) Kx

    p.s. Thank you for the movie... I've watched it twice now and I think I'll be watching it more - you are so right, that lady is amazing!!

  3. geweldige kast!

  4. This is a nice post. I went over and looked at the photo of you and Kylie at her blog. It is good to have creative friends. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I love your kitchen cupboard!
    it's lovely to meet new-old friends, is like when I met Fanja I felt like I knew her from such a long time!
    BUT mint sigarettes are disgusting girls!
    now i'll go and watch that video.

  6. Thank you for the link to the video. What a delight and what an encouragement to watch this marvellous lady!
    Congratulations for your new cupboard. It looks very neat.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I have just seen your photos with Kylie at her blog so this is perfect. I have been 'blog hybernating' for a while so I will catch up with some of your news now. It's always a delight to visit here!XX

  8. I saw your picture over at Kylie's, are you serious you were talking about getting old? The picture is nice, that is what I wanted to say.

  9. Wat een vrouw, met die vlechtjes, prachtig. Net als je mooie kast en je leuke ontmoeting !

  10. cool to see you ( great hair)

    and I like the cupboard

  11. Adorable tea towel! Time does seem to go faster and faster every year, doesn't it? I just want to grab a moment and hold on to it sometimes.

  12. that old lady making broids was amazing! i had to look the other chapter too to see how is it continuing.
    oh man, i wonder will there be anybody to learn that from her. pheew, what a story. thank you for sharing!

  13. I watched all the chanel videos, fascinating!
    Kylie is a sweetheart, so nice you met up.

  14. is the same pineapple of above?
    :D :D :D
    you made me laugh a lot Renilde!!!