July 31, 2014


I've made a second flowered garden cushion; I think I'm going to call this series 'Millefleurs', after the millefleur tapestries which I really admire.
millefleurs & more treasures
the first one

July 28, 2014

country life

I've spend some time in the countryside, it always feels good;
working with clay gives a good feeling too :)
these small jars are not really worth to show, but I do it anyway
they still need to be baked & glazed

drinking bees again, they're so funny!

July 24, 2014

about bees

bees need to drink once in a while; an upside sinc bucket with a little water is fine as a watering place so they can't drown
read more about water collection by honey bees

July 22, 2014


wild angelica

and wild carrot

July 19, 2014


sweltering days :^)

July 16, 2014


we went to our first ceramic class today and had a good time, but our 'creations' need to be fired and glazed yet, so I can't show anything now;
the painted pebbles come from a 70's craft book
and the beetle on top is a Oiceoptoma thoracicum, aka red breasted beetle

sweet dreams :)

July 13, 2014

rainy sunday

I went to the flea market in the city park this morning, despite the heavy downpours,
but it was worth cause I'm happy with the bird :)
For the rest of the day stayed inside, browsing Leslie Williamsons latest book Modern Originals.
you can order it at Atelier Solarshop and also Handcrafted Modern, which I like even more.
also check out her blog for more sales outlets

good night & sweet dreams!

July 11, 2014

two more Vosges images & new cushion available at Atelier Solarshop

have a nice weekend all :)

July 10, 2014

my inspirations

my latest purchase was a small piece of amethyst and a bag of Neal's Yard yogurt coated cranberries 
some cactus plants got a new container

happy weekend all!

July 07, 2014


poppies, five-spot burnet & flowered garden cushion

July 05, 2014

my inspirations

since I got back from France I went to see every possible shop in the neighborhood looking for stones or fossils or whatever ...
that's because I've found some nice agate discs in a French shop, and the thing with me is that if I find something nice, I start collecting right away :^)
anyway, these stones will be a great source of inspiration.
my favorite shop in Antwerp, and for my nephew cause he's very into fossils lately.

I haven't told about the ammonite I've found inside a cabinet when I just moved in here last summer, but that's for later

July 01, 2014

Vosges houses

I've seen quite a few houses that I would love to live in; this one near the lake is my favorite :)
miss the sweet smell of mown hay
white admiral taking a sunbath