February 27, 2010

Minä Perhonen.

Some pictures from the Tilburg Textile museum;
if you still want to see the Minä Perhonen exhibition,
tomorrow is the last day!
I'm sorry I can't show you any photos from the work,
it was not allowed to make photographs, too bad :(
I found some photos from the exhibition here.
Loved the small textiles against the walls.
look here.
The amazing exhibition space was designed by
pour finir...
a nice quote from Italo Calvino:
'I would say that the moment an object appears in a
narrative, it is charged with a special force and becomes
like the pole of a magnetic field, a knot in the framework
of invisible relationships. We might say that in a narrative
any object is always magic'
(found in the catalogue:)

February 25, 2010

The staghorn fern.

I was repotting the staghorn fern this morning,
took a mix of compost and peat, staghorn ferns are
air plants, like orchids, you can see some giants on
the pics below. I'm afraid I bought a giant too, I was
reading the label this morning, giving:
Platycerium Grande !!!!!
The Grandes have leaves up to Two Metres!
Don't want this plant to develop into some sort of
vegetable version of HAL 9000 :(

But in their habitat they look gorgeous, don't
you think?
The photos come from here and here , first
and bottom pic are mine.
The press cutting also, don't think it was trickery.

Here he is :-)

February 23, 2010

wardrobe clean up, part 6

This one is for J, my sister's daughter, we call this
a cache-coeur in Belgium, what do they say in English?

The photo below comes from an old Ariadne, i found it back
while cleaning my place, completely forgotten that i made that
little vest for J when she was about two I guess, can't
remember exactly, also don't remember my color choise,
but the good news is, that her bear is wearing the vest now,
I'm very curious to see it back.
A picture will follow soon!

Construction with piece of wooden apple.

J's favourite music, and also mine!
Look here for all the Black Cab sessions.

February 21, 2010

Hanging plants.

I was in the garden centre yesterdaymorning,
looking for some hanging plants;
problem is, my ceiling's not strong enough to fix a hook :(
still have to find a solution, i want them to hang free,
not against the wall or window.
I also did some repotting this morning and took some shoots
from the lemon-scented geranium.
I feel very seventies lately, even bought a tiny String of Hearts
and a Staghorn Fern and I Desperately Need To Have a macramé
hanging basket! :-)
The plant in the wooden container is a Nepenthes.
The one next to the hearts is a Cissus Ivy.
I owe my liking for hanging plants to ii-ne-kore,
love to see her posts about plants and flowers,
especially this one, in case you pop over to fedor,
have a look at the moving parts too, they're dazzling and
hilaric at the same time and I love the score.
Bye bye.

February 19, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood.

Edgar Tijtgat (1879-1957) is one of my favourite Belgian artists;
I love his deceptively innocent style and there's
always a longing for the lost paradise expressed in his work.
These woodcuts come from 'Le Petit Chaperon Rouge', also
the entire text and endleaves are printed from woodblocks!
The photo below is Tijtgat in his doorway and his wife Blanche
leaning out of the window. don't know why
the entrance is 1 metre above the ground :-)
I think they were a strange but funny and happy couple,
at least that's the way they look.
Pop over to jokemijn for more abandoned houses.

Happy weekend everybody!

February 17, 2010

The Neanderthal Dress.

Sometimes it can happen women like to dress like cavemen,
and men like to adorn themselves like birds :)
This is the dress i mentioned some posts ago; it took me more
than a month instead of four hours to make this one, but it's
very simple; i can imagine a Neanderthal woman would like to wear this
no nonsense style on a weekday, the fabric is from felted jersey
wool, no zipper, only pull over your head, and there you are!!

Made another scarf.

The b&w photo is from 'Elliott Erwitt's New York'


February 14, 2010

Mieke's favourites

I asked Mieke to pick out some samples she likes
the most, this is her choice.
Could't catch that brilliant delft blue I used for
the sample in the first and bottom image, too bad :)
All the samples are double-sided.

February 12, 2010

Stay indoors.

I stayed indoors because of a headache, but what
a beautiful blue sky it was today!

Happy weekend everybody.

Migrating monarch butterflies press cutting

February 11, 2010

In search for the white flower.

I found this little vase in the thriftshop some days ago,
on the outside it is darkbrown glazed, the inside is white
with soft brown lines dripping to the bottom, almost
like a glacier.
I was looking for a simple white daisy-like flower to
fit, but couln't find any.

From my herbarium:
Linaria vulgaris, common toadflax.

Melilotus albus, white sweet clover.
I dried this one in 2006, but its aroma's still intact,
for me the ultimate summer smell :-)
I started a flickr!

February 09, 2010

wardrobe clean up, part 5.

This one is for I, it was made of leftovers; cotton,
linen, angora and metal thread, i still have that metal
green, maybe for a little vest.
The polkadot blouse still fits me,
lucky me :-)


February 06, 2010


Today, Saturday 6th, at the stroke of twelfe, Joe has
bumped with the speed of a Peregrine Falcon right
into Guusjes ball.

Hi Guusje, the beret is yours!

February 05, 2010

Meet Joe.

Tomorrow is the prize-ceremony; Joe - see image -
made a proposition to help me with the draw, so I can play it square.
This is what he suggested : I will do the preparations and make
little balls of paper from all the entries; then, Joe will jump at a depth
of 1 metre - that is extremely high converted to human standards!!
- so, he will jump at 1 metre, and the first ball he will hit is the winner.
I think that's fair, hope it will turn out well :-)
We'll see tomorrow.
Have a nice weekend everybody!
Oh, and the bottom image is polkadotted queen Beatrix of the Netherlands,
admiring Malevich's black square.