February 21, 2010

Hanging plants.

I was in the garden centre yesterdaymorning,
looking for some hanging plants;
problem is, my ceiling's not strong enough to fix a hook :(
still have to find a solution, i want them to hang free,
not against the wall or window.
I also did some repotting this morning and took some shoots
from the lemon-scented geranium.
I feel very seventies lately, even bought a tiny String of Hearts
and a Staghorn Fern and I Desperately Need To Have a macramé
hanging basket! :-)
The plant in the wooden container is a Nepenthes.
The one next to the hearts is a Cissus Ivy.
I owe my liking for hanging plants to ii-ne-kore,
love to see her posts about plants and flowers,
especially this one, in case you pop over to fedor,
have a look at the moving parts too, they're dazzling and
hilaric at the same time and I love the score.
Bye bye.


  1. I love hanging plants too! but I also do not really have anywhere to hang them, so my cats end up eating them because they are somewhere within reach(they are so bad!).

    That post from ii-ne-kore looks AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it!

    And as for your hanging pot problem, is a joist in the ceiling you can hang the pot from? Hopefully it would be located in an ideal location!

  2. to celine: the ceiling has only a thin layer of plaster, that's all, we tried with plug and screw but it didn't work, too bad :(

  3. All my indoor plants died recently(but one ,dear thing)They got some exotic and wierd disease-so I am not going to embark on new plant adventures for a while- but I will definitely enjoy yours and I will hop over and look at your inspiration as well! good luck with the new loves!
    Annamaria xx

  4. You can cantilever them out from the wall on an arm? i hope you make a macrame plant holder!

  5. what lovely plants:) and i am super honoured to help in some way with inspiration! i also have a string of hearts, it is getting so long now...and macrame hangers i also love, i got a few but ebay is getting really expensive now...i would LOVE to see a picture of your staghorn fern!

  6. to brooklyn_codger: i'm gonna try :)

    to ii-ne-kore: i will make a photo, but i can't hang him, because to heavy, too bad :(

    to caramela: thank you!

  7. Renilde, your photos always look like you can touch them. As in the plants, and textures. I love them! I love lemon scented geranium, and loved your 70's comment. ha ha. ii-ne-kore does have a stunning blog... agree! Must scoot, good luck with the macrame shopping.

  8. Ever since I saw you in that photo wearing your mum's old Dior sunnies I thought you suited the 70s vibe! I think someone of your abilities could do their own macrame in a snap :) Looking forward to seeing it. Your photos are just luscious. Kx

  9. hanging plants are great of course, but groups of pots against a wall are also just as good:)

  10. Yummy scented geranium. I should get one. My parents had a greenhouse all the while I was growing up. I loved the scented "Martha Washington" geraniums they grew. I would rub the leaves and smell that lemony scent. Lucky you.

  11. Hello Renilde, your plants look really nice,I also quite like the wooden bowl (3rd photo).
    I will keep an eye in charity shops for macrame' hanging baskets for you.
    ii-ne-kore is a great blog! thanks. X

  12. een heel mooi idee, alleen spijtig dat je plafond niet mee wil.

  13. i love these photos. and the link is awesome!

    i recently got two little heart on string plants. one has been growing insanely fast. i love it!

  14. in the moment I got just one plant in the house...guess I need some more

  15. i have a string of hearts too- an old one. i do love it- and other hanging plants too. great post renilde!

  16. I love the cushion ! And I love your photos too…

  17. It's such a shame you can't hang them from your ceiling, they would so good hanging in macrame hanger. My mum used to make the best 70's macrame hangers, I loved them so much, with wooden beads and long fringes. I would love to see your spin on a 70's pot hanger!! xx

  18. I've had a nepenthes as well. several times. unfortunately it didn't grow up but always died after a while, I'm afraid. don't know what I did wrong...
    yours looks very good and strong! that's great!

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