February 23, 2010

wardrobe clean up, part 6

This one is for J, my sister's daughter, we call this
a cache-coeur in Belgium, what do they say in English?

The photo below comes from an old Ariadne, i found it back
while cleaning my place, completely forgotten that i made that
little vest for J when she was about two I guess, can't
remember exactly, also don't remember my color choise,
but the good news is, that her bear is wearing the vest now,
I'm very curious to see it back.
A picture will follow soon!

Construction with piece of wooden apple.

J's favourite music, and also mine!
Look here for all the Black Cab sessions.


  1. love it! we call it a wrap, cache-coeur sounds better though:)

  2. Oh thanks for the black cub sessions- too good!
    I am off to paint now and it will be great to listen to some new fab stuff!
    Annamaria xx

  3. black cap session was fun, thanks!

  4. BCS...great link, thanks!
    I just bought some wool to knit a wrap for Anita, for ballet...but I need to find a pattern to copy...I'm too lazy to make all the counting. Yours looks really good.

  5. Lovely sweater! Looks warm for the freezing rain we're having in San Francisco!

  6. En toen was het tijd voor de post! Ja, wat mooi, hij staat perfect die baret! Heel erg schoon, dank je wel!
    Ik ben er super blij mee en zal haar veel dragen, ik ben wel van de hoofddeksels!
    Dikke kus!

  7. That little vest is amazing. Love the colour explosion.

  8. such a great find renilde ...thanks for sharing it , I love the concept of the black cab as the temporary space ...fantastic
    also the little cardi is darling ...lucky bear and is the little girl called ariadne (wow)

  9. I'd like to invite you to listen the Porto's(web)radion station:
    there, you'll hear to At swim Two Birds, the musician.

    Our regards from Porto, inês.

  10. Ik ben echt verliefd op de cache-coeur, heb je toevallig een uitlegje van hoe je het hebt gemaakt ? dan kan ik misschien zelf aan de slag gaan.

  11. That little girl in the sweater is super cute.