February 11, 2010

In search for the white flower.

I found this little vase in the thriftshop some days ago,
on the outside it is darkbrown glazed, the inside is white
with soft brown lines dripping to the bottom, almost
like a glacier.
I was looking for a simple white daisy-like flower to
fit, but couln't find any.

From my herbarium:
Linaria vulgaris, common toadflax.

Melilotus albus, white sweet clover.
I dried this one in 2006, but its aroma's still intact,
for me the ultimate summer smell :-)
I started a flickr!


  1. Pretty pictures! I found two vintage milk glass vases this weekend and am so excited for them :)

  2. well done- both flickr and herbarium...
    and vase too! :)

    ps. i have done one work called herbarium, i wonder where do i have the photos of that?
    nowadays i wonder a lot.

  3. very pretty pictures and herbarium. i'm glad you joined Flickr!

  4. your pressed flowers are so gestural!
    mine always turn out so mushed up!

    I can't believe you can still smell it!

  5. Love that top vase photo Renilde, it's just perfect.

  6. Yes, I love the herbarium style!

  7. great vase, i like the glossy black. also have to check your flickr!

  8. These are just so beautiful! I' entranced by the idea of a pressed flower still having its smell :) What a lovely thought. Your new vase is very cute and I love your Flickr sets Renilde. Kx

    p.s. Did you see my crochet post? I've made my own target cushion like yours. I hope you don't mind?

  9. wat cool, je eigen herbarium. Te gek!

  10. beautiful collection!

  11. Love the first photo, and I always admire your herbarium...

  12. ohhh i love pressed flowers. beautiful!

  13. Love the top two photos together :)

  14. oh i love the fact you have a herbarium!!

  15. I really like these photos. So cool and calm. I saw your new flickr! I like to see all the beautiful work you have done. I started my flickr not long ago as well. It was a lot of work at first, but now I just upload the photos as I blog and it is easy.