July 28, 2011

A mixed lot, part 4

Silk patchwork; couln't find nr4 yet, but here's 1 & 2
Azraël, who lives here
View from my terrace
Patchwork again
Poppy, who lives here

A mixed lot

July 25, 2011


Can't wait to see the show!

July 24, 2011

At the MoMu.

I finally went to see unravel at the MoMu,
it was nice... but what surprised me the most
was the graduate collection of Niels Peeraer at
the MoMu Gallery on the first floor.
The collection is about a boy who has an imaginary
boyfriend. Everyday, he prepares himself to get
married to his love...
more pictures here.
I think I will go and see this again;
the entrance is free by the way!
Fotos made by Dirk Alexander.

July 23, 2011

Potholders for MR KITLY, part one.

Back & front 1





Have a nice weekend & Goodnight!

July 22, 2011

Some countryside shots.

photo 1-2-3 were taken at my sister's place,
I took the nightshot with the wildflowers and
two kiwis in my kitchen.
It was national (lazy) holiday yesterday :^)

July 21, 2011

More seeds and plants.

I was collecting some seeds from my wildgarden
( for next year :^)
such as buckweat and campion; the other seedboxes
come from a mini poppy.
I also got a shrimp plant and a baby sedum for present,
thank you Zjé!
Have a look at Els Martens blog for this gorgeous sedum.
And mine :^)

I forgot where I've found this cute couple, sorry.


July 19, 2011

Double weave.

This is a sampler of double weave that I made during my
training textiles, the warp is partly orange, partly
blue; as far as I can remember the loom had 8 shafts.
The block pattern creates the illusion of a building,
so I couldn't resist to make a skyscraper :^)

I also finished my denim project last week and today was
packing up and labeling the works to send to Australia,
the opening will be on friday 5th August at MR KITLY.

Can't wait to show you some photos, but I have to be patient!!
I only can give away that I've cut up my old worn-out jeans and
recycled it to something completely new.
Wished it was already August the 5th :)

double weave movie

July 15, 2011


I made a nice bike ride this morning, and picked
some wildflowers on my way home, like
thousand leaf, wild carrot and rape seed.

The blue flower above is wild chicory, the white one below,
I guess is pepperweed.

Pinky thousand- leaf and

wild carrot.

The scent of a rape seed field on a sweltering
hot summer's day, bliss :^)

Have a nice weekend!

July 13, 2011

A mixed lot, part 3.

Woven sampler in black&naturel linen and chenille,
technique is diversified plain weave.
Sunshine and flowers.
Broken knife.
Again the campion capsules :^)
Another sampler in DPW with grey linen for the
foundation and white chenille for the design.

mixed lot 1 & mixed lot 2