July 06, 2011

Cherries & Sunshine.

'One must ask children and birds
how cherries and strawberries taste.'
my favourite Goethe quote :^)

I was browsing
Issey Miyake: Making Things;
that cape reminded me a bit on a series of silk
patchworks I made some time ago;
I planned to make little spreads of them,
but then I changed my mind and now they
are in boxes waiting for another application :)
here's the other one.

Wildflowers from my garden.


by the way, love those Miyake shoes!


  1. I bought cherries today.

    They ARE summer for me.

    (and that quote is just perfect)

  2. beautiful silk quilts!

  3. Me too, but can you imagine
    negotiating 6 flights of stairs
    in those shoes? Going down,
    not up. :^)

  4. very nicely said that quote.

    ps. i think those shoes are made more for flying. she is having nice pair of wings too:)

  5. i want to see more of your silk quilts.
    beautiful pics in the middle x

  6. to fanja: I will look for them :)
    to outi and gina: I need some flyshoes too!

  7. heel mooi die patchwork. Lijkt van ver alsof het een zijde schildering is.