July 11, 2011

About seeds.

like to 'explore' little seeds, because they often
have a clownish appearance :)
I thought the plant below was a Field Milk Thistle -
that was long time ago by the way - but now I'm not
sure anymore because the seeds don't match,
but anyhow it is a sort of thistle and I like those
funny mini brushes.

Got these marigold cuties from a friend,

... also these borago seeds,
they're in the soil now by the way :)
the illustration comes from
The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration,
great book!
Campion seed pods in the first image.

have a look here and remember this one?

toedeloe :^)


  1. that seed in your link is amazing!!! it looks like an old chinese or japanese mask. i believe plants are actually trying to say more than we can understand (a bit like the dolphins on the galactic guide to the universe ;))
    sweet dreams

  2. oh and i just read that is very toxic too, i wouldn't had any doubt about it: it looks quite scary! :D

  3. yes, that face is saying : don't touch me or I will kill you! it remind me too on a japanese mask, sweet dreams too alessandra, and don't touch the berries :^)

  4. Those seeds are just gorgeous Renilde. I love those mini brushes too :) Found the link one very scary! Kx

  5. meesterlijk - geen mens die het kan

  6. oh die marigold wormpjes, die heb ik een maand of twee geleden geplant en die beginnen nu bloemen te krijgen!

  7. and your post about them is a treat too!