July 01, 2011

little paradise.

Last May, I've sown a packet of wild flowers in
one big pot; the first flowering plants were the buckwheat
and phacelia, but meanwhile I can introduce you
some cornflowers, one red clover, a poppy and a few campions;
the bouquet is changing everyday!

( while pruning the Wisteria, I discovered
a huge velvet pod :^)

remember this post?

Happy weekend all!


  1. How gorgeous - it is a little paradise! Loving all those wildflowers, Renilde, and that velvet pod looks so beautiful :) And you know I'm totally swooning at those amazing embroideries... breathtaking :) Kx

  2. I'm just sewing a quilting block called buckwheat...

    (love that bee photo!)

  3. prachtig paradijsje ! :)

  4. so exciting to sow seeds that one can´t be sure what is coming up!

    we have a place by the sea, place where former owners have been gardening something over 60 years ago, and this spring and summer we were looking curiously around to the ground what will pop up. it was so interesting. "ooh, what is this? ups, i didn´t know here is growing somethin.. you think this is a flower..?"