November 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

I didn't feel like going out today; too dark and too
rainy in my opinion, so I had quite a lazy afternoon
with movies and a little crochet.
The house cleaning is also postponed for another day,
lucky me :^)

Odessa...Odessa! love

And one cushion has arrived in a nice place last weekend :^)
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday too!

November 25, 2011


New woolen blanket from Sennes;
the horse picture was taken by my niece Jasperine.

I wish everyone a warm and cosy weekend :^)

November 23, 2011


Mobile with red, green and yellow ball.

view from my mom's backyard.

November 22, 2011

Photoshoot outside.

I had a photoshoot outside on the terrace last weekend
and I'm very pleased with the result, the colours
look more natural and also no disturbing shadows anymore.

The cushion on the picture is already on the way to its new owner
and I wonder when it will pop-up again, I hope very soon :^)
You saw a glimpse of it here some time ago.

Scarlet Virginia Creeper outside and yellow kangaroo paw
on the kitchentable.

have a nice evening :^)

November 20, 2011

The Age of Discovery, refreshed.

I think the Vasco embroiderie needed a facelift; I've added
one more Alien, some paper boats, a few sailors (in the water)
and a charred ship.
I also decorated the edges with a fringe of sackcloth.
The photo above was taken outside, the one below on the
kitchen table.

The house is a complete chambles lately, working on a project
for Huis Mortier and one for Atelier Solarshop; sometimes
a bit too much, sigh :)

Have a nice journey senor Vasco :^)

( I will add more detailed photos on flickr, later : )

November 19, 2011


Sweet dreams :)

November 17, 2011

Huis Mortier, 2.

I'm quite charmed by the style of Huis Mortier, especially
like the windows; certainly the inspiration for these cushions!

Huis Mortier.
a butterfly in my hair, thanks a lot Vibeke :^)

November 12, 2011


The chocolate cosmos is still flowering, but the greater part
of the plants are brought inside now; sometimes I need to
improvise a bit and make a stool from a stack of books :)

Sunny potholders on their way to Mr Kitly.

November 11, 2011

Huis Mortier.

New mobiles for Huis Mortier.

Have a nice weekend all!

November 09, 2011

New lamp.

Portrait of my back, made by Mieke when we were at
Ruth & Roeland's place.

New lamp from Atelier Solarshop and
finally this cushion done :)

And was dreaming of this dresser, only dreaming of course :)

November 07, 2011

Watching tv.

I'm working a lot lately; especially the finishing of the cushions
is quite time consuming and even a bit dull sometimes, so I keep
the most unpleasant jobs for the evenings when I can watch tv
in the meantime; my favourites are goudvis and de canvasconnectie
on Sunday evening.

Next weekend it's Karel Martens' turn
and Dirk Braeckman in two weeks on Goudvis.

I also saw this and this on tv :^)

Photo Dirck Braeckman;
want to see the exhibition too.
Very soon, ha!

New cushion with lila spot in the middle.

Goodnight & Sweet Dreams.

November 04, 2011


I stayed home all day, wearing my pyjamas until late in the
did some crochet and made a parcel for Mr Kitly,
including the mobile on the dresser
(hope it will arrive in time :^)

A little gardening,
fall on the terrace and flaming red leaves of the Virginia Creeper,
but still 19°C, bliss!
eating waffles instead of dinner and
going to bed early with a stack of reading material, including
the book of imaginary beings.

Have a nice weekend all!
and sweet dreams :^)

I bought a nautilus yesterday :)

November 03, 2011

A mixed lot, part 8

1 my room in the morninglight
2 maple leaf
3 crocheted target
4 maple
5 view from my terrace
6 woven sampler
7 still from 'At Land'

I went to see some of Maya Deren's experimental films;
I liked 'Ritual in Transfigured Time' the most.

cinema zuid