November 17, 2011

Huis Mortier, 2.

I'm quite charmed by the style of Huis Mortier, especially
like the windows; certainly the inspiration for these cushions!

Huis Mortier.
a butterfly in my hair, thanks a lot Vibeke :^)


  1. It is charming and those windows are so cool. Loving your cushions Renilde :) Kx

  2. love the combination of colours!!!

  3. goedemorgen,

    wat een fijne plek voor je werk
    en de kleuren van je kussens in wording
    mooi jaren '50

  4. oh my, yes - these colours look so especially lovely!

  5. the house has lot of style.
    and your cushions match it really.

  6. i love the way you use colors. your cushions are always so beautiful.

    i won´t say good night cause i´m still going for work, but i say have a good evening!

  7. your welcome,
    thank you for letting me borrow your photos!

    seeing the photos of your work in this post makes me want to create something myself. i get so inspired by you- thank you : )

    wishing you a happy weekend,

  8. I always love those crochet pieces! Would you be so kind to give a hint at the name of the technique? I would love to try it...

  9. I see your house in A butterfly in my hair blog, is so nice! F.

  10. beautiful selection of colours.
    have a nice weekend, now i'll go to see your links :)

  11. ik ben al af en toe voorbij huis mortier gewandeld. Staan steeds fijne dingen in de etalage, en als je langs het water wandelt, heb je ook een fijn uitzicht. Mooie plek, je werk gaat daar tot zijn recht komen.

  12. leuk waar je zoal inspiratie in vindt! prachtig gebouw en mooi werk!

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