August 31, 2015

cabbage field on a summers day

August 26, 2015

detail from The Unicorn Defends Itself
trunk with three tinder fungi on a row

August 24, 2015

new cushions at Beklina 

more on flickr

August 22, 2015

view over Antwerp, taken from the MAS
faded chrysanthemums

August 21, 2015

wrapped tree

August 19, 2015

All about plants & flowers :)
got some sprouts of a shrimp plant; wonder if it will work this time cause it's actually an outdoor plant that needs plenty of light; I once had a shrimp, see!
the detail of the squirrel in the hazel comes from The Unicorn Tapestries; would love to see them in real here
got a new dress with carnation design in gold, pink and light blue
photo below, loosestrive and meadowsweet; smells delicious sweet!

August 16, 2015

I promised E to make a real traffic light, one that can be turned on and off, and also with moving parts...
the expectations are running high

August 03, 2015

more country life