June 30, 2009

La dolce far niente, delayed.

I was trying to post my 'dolce far niente'
one minute movie yesterday night,
but i failed:(
Will have another attempt this evening.
I 'm off to work now.
Many thanks to everybody for all the
nice comments on the previous post! :-)


June 28, 2009

Pea story, a cyclus.

I made this embroidery when i was about 18
i think, can't remember exactly.
Likely the pattern was taken from Ariadne,
and depicting a pea cyclus. My intention was
to make a table cloth but i still have to make
the hem... Maybe later :-)

This is me, involuntarily dressed as a white pea,
with my dad and grandparents.
In the background some beanpoles.

These are my grandparents again, 17 years
later. They haven't change much, except my
grandpa has shrunken a bit.
I took this photo when i was in art school, you
can see i was not a big talent, almost every photo
i made that time was out of focus, but for me
this pic has a sentimental value because this was the
last summer they lived in their house with the
big garden. My grandma always had sweet peas
in the garden, as far as i can remember next to
that big concrete flowerbox. In the background you
can see again some beanpoles.

June 25, 2009

Things i would love to do... once.

I would love to run a children's embroidery
The idea came up to me after i found this cute
little book. The title means 'free embroidery
with children'

Maybe you still remember the beautiful bird,
made by Suzanne, a 7 year old girl.
This embroidery was part of a Swedish expe-
riment in the early sixties, with the intention
to encourage the children's fantasy and confidence.
The teaching took place in groups of 12 to 16
girls and boys from 6-12 years.
There was no technical skill demanded and the
children were completely free how to interprete
their drawings into the needlework.
You can see here there creative process.
I love to see all these tiny little (probably sticky
and strawberry smelling) hands and the huge
concentration of the children.
The pictures are old and out of focus sometimes,
but what a cuties.

The littlest ones got help with the transfer on
the tissue.

Here's Pia, her embroidery was used for
the cover of the book.

Anna, working on her pixie.

Anna again, these are my two favourites:)

Ann is trying to put the thread into the
needle, have a closer look at her hands,
likely she was in the playground a little
while ago :)
I wonder what happened to Suzanne and
her bird, there's no picture from her in the
Maybe she's still living in Stockholm and making
some nice embroideries. We'll never know.
Have a look at this wonderful embroidery-
asked to make a picture of a loved memory
of their native country. I'm really touched
by seeing all this delicate melancholy.

June 21, 2009

At my mom's place.

Nosing about in every drawer and cupboard, can't
resist the temptation. Went to my mom yesterday
evening to stay for the week-end.
While she was looking at her favourite
programs on tele, i was watching the family albums.
This photo's one of my favourites, it was made just
before the war. My mom is standing on the left,
(: she's still in the posession of her 'Pinokkio Legs' :)
and seems to be the only one having fun, the rest
of the family looks pretty cranky. The baby on
my grandmother's lap is going to be a nun at the
age of sixtien, the whole family was against,
but she got her way. The benjamin of the family
had to be born yet, my uncle Don.

My mom's hobby room.
This sock was knitted by my grandmother and
made from leftovers.
They used to put all kinds of sweeties and
nicknackery in it as a Christmas or Santa
Claus present.

One of mom's countless patchworks, i definitely
got the 'Virus' from her.

Reflexion in the tele of J, making Old America
squares with my mother.

June 19, 2009

I love Sonia !

For some time, i was highly influenced by Sonia
Delaunay's textile designs. Luckily for me, i found
my own way after a while, but her work's still an
enormous refreshment when i feel the need of
charging up again. Her art radiates so much
vitality and joy that it makes me happy, just by
looking at it. Couldn't choose, so i posted a lot:)

Presentation at the Claridge Hotel, 1924

The poet René Crevel and the short story writer
Madame X (Jacqueline Chaumont) in costumes
for Tzara's 'Le Coeur à Gaz', 1923

Sonia, in a Chanel suit and wearing a scarf
of her own design, in front of various pictures
and drawings, around 1970.

Are you charged up again?
Anyway, i am, :)

June 17, 2009

Sonia's design books.

I'm sorry , i only have 1 picture from Sonia's
sketch book, what a disappointment.:(
This lovely design comes from her 'Livre noir' 1,
9 september 1924. So, she had several 'livres'
Where are they???????????????
This is mine, with some paint-formula: o-o-o,
what means red-yellow-bleu.
The brand of the paint was Sandolane and
Lanasyne. Can't find it anymore.
It was very interesting paint, because at the
end of the proces the water was again clear,
no waste.:)

pfff. Always exaggerating.

I will show more of Sonia Delaunay 's textiles
in another post, because there's hardly to find
anything from her on the internet.