June 14, 2009

Little black harvest.

I am the owner of a small blackberry plantation...

... on my kitchen worktop.

The harvest of my berries is not liable to the
seasons and they grow again every night, so...

... every morning before i go working, i pick the
biggest and juiciest berries and have breakfast.

And after a full day's job, i have a secondary,
smaller harvest.

That's my daily routine, the berries keep coming.

No plot.


  1. m-m ... yummy :)
    I'm working as web-designer, I's not mine, but I think all in its own good time :)

    PS: Blackberry - one of my favorite word in english!

  2. no plot? ik wil me wel een plots komen smullen!

  3. these are fabulous pictures! i love how close up you got to the blackberries. wish i could go out and pick some for breakfast right now. we have a huge bush up the street from us, but they are dependent on season so i have to wait a few months.

  4. Love this! Sounds like the perfect way to start the day!
    Love these photos!

    Happy Week!

  5. again, i missed a lot, your weaving makes me jealous, how do you manage to make yours so immaculate and perfectly crafted? i would like to ask you a hundred questions. such a beautiful post!
    i am waiting impatiently for some tools that should be coming by mail, perhaps then my tests will turn out a little bit more un-punkish, but i enjoy doing it anyway!
    and the bird and the beasts, i would love to meet the 7-year old who did the embroidery, the ones i know (and there are many as my L has the sam age) are all artists as well but so much patience...
    i am very curious what you may show next.

  6. To my other room: i have to disappoint you a bit, because the embroiderie from the bird comes from a book i bought in the secondhand shop. It was a Swedish experiment in the sixties with children from 6 to 12 years, boys and girls.They were stimulated to let free their fantasy, to work with colour etc. I think i will show some foto's in another post, when the children are doing their needlework.It is lovely to see all this little hands:).I'm very flattered you like my wevings, i can only advise you to start simple, like plain weave or twill, in a material that is a bit elastic , like wool.
    If you like more to know you can always email me.The most important thing is that you like doing it.

  7. These photos are so good I want to eat them! I've just been looking through your blog and am in awe at your beautiful work! What a treasure. Thanks for all of it! :) Kylie

  8. this is all so beautiful. your blog is full of the most delightful inspiration EVER!

  9. your short everyday stories are so adorable!
    I wish I had a little berry plantation. I love eating berries with my yogurt in the morning.

  10. I love your blackberry plantation. I wish I could have a little strawberry field on my counter top, oh, I am not greedy, just one or two fat juicy strawberries a day would be fine with me ...

  11. Oh, you are lucky! Blackberry is one of my favorite fruits! Do you have them every day?? Thank you for sharing lovely photos!

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