June 26, 2010

Some spots.

I had a visitor this morning, who left a very undesirable
spot (photo 3) on my chair :-)
the other two spots are holes stuffed with wool; I saw
this feltingtechnique at Woolfiller; found via kaylovesvintage
some time ago, don't remember when; you should try
this too, it is very easy and fun to do.
Happy weekend everybody!

June 22, 2010


I'm taking a short break; need to focus on some new
projects, so there's not much time left for blogging;
hope to be back in a week or so.
Photo 1 is my new kitchen shelf, you've already
seen the remnants a few posts ago :-)

June 18, 2010

New cushions.

I'm working on a series of new cushions, some will
have an embroidered lining, others will have a
plain back.
There's gonna be a little webshop of my own soon.
(a small one :-)
Would love to see Achille Castiglioni's studio in real!
( foto 2&4 )
Have a nice weekend everybody :-)

June 14, 2010

After Eight.

You should try this too: strawberries& After Eight :-)

Cherry blossom silk sampler.


June 12, 2010


Again some trash I can't trow away.

The middle photo is a piece of silk patchwork;
accidentally colourmatch :-)

June 11, 2010

Building a kitchen.

This isKatleen's kitchen; I love the shelf she made,
with those nice plexi sliding doors.

Today she started building me a kitchen;
we are halfway now but the result is Wow :-)
Photos later.

Heart-shaped supermarket love potato :-)

Happy weekend everbody!

June 08, 2010


Found this one in my archive this morning;
More needlelaces to come!

Cormorant fishing press cutting.

June 07, 2010

My new home, 6

I started decorating parts of my appartment last week;
the mobile fits perfectly in this room because of the low
ceilings, actually these are two, but I hung them
so closely they sometimes overlap eachother's orbit;
love to watch them and it is very hard to maintain
any discipline here and pick up the thread again,
also because of the sunny terrace :-)
The cute animal comes from a needle lace book and
is a detail of a reticella piece; forgot which book, sorry.
I will show more needle lace later!
Made the smyrna cushion last year, still not yet finished,
as usual.
Bye, bye :-)

June 05, 2010

Some squares.

A colour study.
A piece of linen cloth I got from a friend.
Some trash I can't trow away.
A spot of evening sunlight in my room.
Good Night :-)

June 03, 2010

My garden.

Wood pigeon love affair next to my kitchen table :-)

... while I did some gardening.
I got different varieties of tomato plants from a friend,
such as
Green Sausage, Coeur de Boeuf, Santalina and

I got a marjoram and an edible-leaf beet too.
(bottom pic)

Summer at last! 25°C today :-)