June 07, 2010

My new home, 6

I started decorating parts of my appartment last week;
the mobile fits perfectly in this room because of the low
ceilings, actually these are two, but I hung them
so closely they sometimes overlap eachother's orbit;
love to watch them and it is very hard to maintain
any discipline here and pick up the thread again,
also because of the sunny terrace :-)
The cute animal comes from a needle lace book and
is a detail of a reticella piece; forgot which book, sorry.
I will show more needle lace later!
Made the smyrna cushion last year, still not yet finished,
as usual.
Bye, bye :-)


  1. prachtig, die mobiel! past daar perfect!
    echt een mooie ruimte en inspirerende lichtinval...

  2. Hi Hi
    So nice to see your new home
    slowly revealing.

  3. Nice, nice! Threads in the place of books and knitting needles instead of flowers. Lovely!

  4. wat mooi dat kantwerkje! oooh!

    en je huis ziet er super uit! ik kom snel foto's maken van je planten, als ik mag :)

  5. looking great!!

    the lace is beautiful ;)

  6. your new home is looking so lovely!!!!
    nice and calm, and i love the mobile :)

  7. your new place is super nice!! how wonderful!! what is the crochet thing in the middle photo??? did you crochet that!! it looks so amazing!!

  8. to ah-yi: it is a detail of a needle lace

  9. it looks nice there, with all the threads and everything. and that animal, cute!

  10. so when can I come for coffe, I will bring the

  11. oh i like mobiles! i wonder if it would be difficult to make it of your own? getting the right balance would be a challenge, i guess.
    looks very nice there:)

  12. looks lovely. it's so fun decorating a new home. enjoy.

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