July 29, 2013

camera obscura

last winter my nephew made a camera obscura from an empty beer can, the 'thing' hung on a tree for about half a year;
if you look closely, you recognize the henhouse in the bottom :)

July 27, 2013


it was quite stormy tonight

funny face

portrait of Julian & me, made by Billie with my brand new camera
(stress :^)
the cushion will be for sale at knots soon!
( the violet pic is mine )

July 25, 2013

the move

the move went very smoothly, thanks to the help of family and friends;
unpacking and decorating however, is somewhat slower cause we are dealing with a heat wave since a couple of days,
take it easy is my motto for now :^)

thanks everyone for the support!

July 19, 2013

portrait of a plant, 4

tomorrow is the big move, but I couldn't resist to buy another cactus last night :)
( picture 2 )

portrait of a plant, 3

monstera shoots

July 16, 2013

portrait of a plant

yesterday, while I was repotting some plants, I came up with the idea to make a final 'portrait' before leaving this place; today I'm showing you the rhipsalis and  horntree; the small plant of last summer has already become a significant tree :)

to be continued!

July 10, 2013

a new home ... soon 2

the place is almost empty now, my whole workshop stored in boxes;
I was so preoccupied with packing and labeling the last couple of weeks that getting in some flowers has become side issue; luckily the blooming sempervivum brings some color in the house and terrace;
note the tiny audacious wasp :^)

July 04, 2013

July 02, 2013


I have a few shoots of a monstera to take root, and they root very quickly! I made these pictures mid june, just after I had put the shoots in a vase, and now, two weeks later they have already strong roots, even the pathetic tiny leaf in the water glass :)
They all get a pot with soil this week.