July 25, 2013

the move

the move went very smoothly, thanks to the help of family and friends;
unpacking and decorating however, is somewhat slower cause we are dealing with a heat wave since a couple of days,
take it easy is my motto for now :^)

thanks everyone for the support!


  1. zo mooi bij jou renilde! maar op foto ziet het er echt wel bijna hetzelfde uit :)

  2. congrats Renilde, your new home looks great. it's filled with light and all your beautiful things.
    love the lavender inside.

  3. Fresh starts are so nice! From the
    glimpse, this place feels newer in
    construction? "Take it easy" is an
    applicable motto for so much and
    so many... take it easy girl.

  4. Ziet er nu al supergezellig uit, super licht en lekker veel ramen. Veel woonplezier!

  5. i already like your new apt for big windows and
    white wall.
    take your time to get settled. so hot and very
    humid here too.

  6. I'm glad it went well Renilde :) Good to take it easy in the heat too. Your new place looks lovely. Kx

  7. Big windows, natural light, looks like a beautiful new space! Cheers!

  8. the new house looks already beautiful!
    it has a lovely natural light coming in!
    enjoy decorating it!

  9. congrats!
    a good place to live and work-
    such light!

  10. thank you all :)
    to Gina: the building dates from the 30s

  11. Love your new place Renilde, congrats! Enjoy now x

  12. Ha ha! Your new home is young compared to
    mine, which was built in the mid 1800's.

  13. Looks beautiful, your new space! Lokking forward to get more little peeks :)

  14. Congrats on finally getting everything moved in! It is a bit stressful getting unpacked and figuring out where everything belongs. You will get everything figured out soon enough.

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