June 21, 2009

At my mom's place.

Nosing about in every drawer and cupboard, can't
resist the temptation. Went to my mom yesterday
evening to stay for the week-end.
While she was looking at her favourite
programs on tele, i was watching the family albums.
This photo's one of my favourites, it was made just
before the war. My mom is standing on the left,
(: she's still in the posession of her 'Pinokkio Legs' :)
and seems to be the only one having fun, the rest
of the family looks pretty cranky. The baby on
my grandmother's lap is going to be a nun at the
age of sixtien, the whole family was against,
but she got her way. The benjamin of the family
had to be born yet, my uncle Don.

My mom's hobby room.
This sock was knitted by my grandmother and
made from leftovers.
They used to put all kinds of sweeties and
nicknackery in it as a Christmas or Santa
Claus present.

One of mom's countless patchworks, i definitely
got the 'Virus' from her.

Reflexion in the tele of J, making Old America
squares with my mother.


  1. hihi die beentjes :) mooi verhaaltje!

  2. This is the most gorgeous post! I love the old photograph - your mum and sisters all look like twins!... or quadtuplets or whatever ;) And that sock and the quilt are just so lovely. Your reflection photo is fab too, It's all just so gorgeous - thanks for sharing this. K

  3. A lovely peek into a wonderful family's history. Thank you.

  4. what a nice post, have a great time at your mums place:)

  5. raar hé gezichten zien op oude fot's en hun hele rest van hun leven al kennen...

  6. yes and the seed found a very fruitful soil!
    lovely pictures, i remember my grandmothers sewing room too and my mother is like a crafting queen, she just is able to do everything perfectly, i should foster my inherited abilities a little bit more...
    thanks for the nice answer on my weaving comment, would love to contact you about some things, just have to have time to get back to weaving finally, have a wonderful week!

  7. phew! her quilt is gorgeous. good "illness" she gaves you.

  8. What a nice post- lucky daughter and lucky mom, to have eachother and to inspire eachother -and then to inspire all the rest of us!-

  9. i think that's such a cool thing to do: post about working spaces of family members. it looks like you got a lot of creativity from your mom.

  10. it's pure magic in there!!

  11. mooi. hou er wel van in oude fotoboeken gluren.
    en super restjessokken!

    oja enne hierbij een iets verlate verjaarsgroet!

  12. I must join in and congratulate you on a wonderful post! I too love old family photos. The sock your grandma knit looks so nice, I think I recognize your color palette a little in it? Great colors they are.