July 19, 2011

Double weave.

This is a sampler of double weave that I made during my
training textiles, the warp is partly orange, partly
blue; as far as I can remember the loom had 8 shafts.
The block pattern creates the illusion of a building,
so I couldn't resist to make a skyscraper :^)

I also finished my denim project last week and today was
packing up and labeling the works to send to Australia,
the opening will be on friday 5th August at MR KITLY.

Can't wait to show you some photos, but I have to be patient!!
I only can give away that I've cut up my old worn-out jeans and
recycled it to something completely new.
Wished it was already August the 5th :)

double weave movie


  1. wow, these are beautiful! i love the colors!

  2. what a talent renilde, why you stopped?
    Looking forward to see the denim project.
    I have a split headache right now and I will look at your link tomorrow, it sounds very interesting but at the moment I feel banana!!!

  3. ...banana split in fact! ;^)

  4. to Alessandra: don't look at that movie; it's actually boring, ha!
    take care of your banana!!!
    I stopped because I have never really started, sigh :(

  5. Loving the double weave! They really are fabulous Renilde. Never too late to start again you know ;) Can't wait to see the denim project :) Kx

  6. heel mooi werk! en ik ben super benieuwd naar je wat je jeans-broek geworden is.

  7. Super mooi Renilde. Ik kijk ook uit naar het jeans-project.

  8. Beautiful work and I am most keen to see more... but I will be patient too.

  9. ik kan ook ni wachten om het jeansproject te zien, en dit is ook zo mooi!

  10. I love the saffron and indigo colors together. I wonder if you will ever make pillow covers like this?

  11. too lovely. I'll miss you in Melbourne by a week! :(

  12. this is great. i'm taking a basic weaving class next semester and i couldn't be more excited. textiles always intrigue me.

  13. These weaves are awesome! It makes me want to take some sort of basic weaving class somewhere. The things you can do with these designs is endless!