February 27, 2010

Minä Perhonen.

Some pictures from the Tilburg Textile museum;
if you still want to see the Minä Perhonen exhibition,
tomorrow is the last day!
I'm sorry I can't show you any photos from the work,
it was not allowed to make photographs, too bad :(
I found some photos from the exhibition here.
Loved the small textiles against the walls.
look here.
The amazing exhibition space was designed by
pour finir...
a nice quote from Italo Calvino:
'I would say that the moment an object appears in a
narrative, it is charged with a special force and becomes
like the pole of a magnetic field, a knot in the framework
of invisible relationships. We might say that in a narrative
any object is always magic'
(found in the catalogue:)


  1. But what are the second and fourth photos of?
    Lovely textile samples, I coupld look at them all morning- I will mark and look again later-
    Thank you for this link, its very exciting-
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Annamaria xx

  2. the museum contains a big collection of old looms and other devices. The second pic was made in the TextielLab, a sort of working place for students, artists and designers.
    they also dye their own fibres, what you see is a sample card
    The museum is BIG!!! it used to be a weaving mill, they got a steam engine too.

  3. Mina Perhonen, she is interesting. UGUISU has magazines about her on her website. http://uguisu.ocnk.net/product/239

  4. wow, so wish i could have seen this!

  5. Oh, die tentoonstelling en die kleren zijn zoooo mooi!

  6. I just love Minä Perhonen... The designs are so beautiful but it's the fabric design that is so exquisite especially. I always thought Minä Perhonen was a woman but now that I read the link you provided I'm amazed to discover he's a man!... and that he was born the same year as me :)) I would have loved to see this exhibition. So glad that you did Renilde, and thanks for posting about it. K x

  7. Forgot to mention... the Italo Calvino quote is just sublime :) I love his books. I keep them by my bedside for when I need a top-up ;) Kx

  8. he is a man but he has a female textile designer working with him and many many female staff.

  9. Too far from San Francisco but thanks for posting! I especially love the first yellow image - I am super obsessed with yellow come spring!

  10. I wish I could go see this exhibition! or that we even had mina perhonen in toronto. I love everything on their website, and the exhibit looks so amazing!

  11. oh how was the exhibition? must be wonderful! i wish they would have the same exhibition here in tokyo too. they are having an exhibition at a museum away from tokyo right now, so i will try to get there for it :)

  12. love the quote.

    sounds like such an interesting exhibition. i wish you could have taken photos too :)


  14. how I wish I could visit

  15. Oh ik baal zo dat ik deze gemist heb, hoor alleen maar enthousiaste verhalen!

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