October 31, 2010

kites, spacecrafts and balloons.

You might recognize this design; as you can see I
picked the other one for the Wormhole series, but
I like this one too; I took purple, yellow, cream,
peach and brown for the spacecraft; difficult to
distinguish on the photo; the drop top left is bright

detail of the drop

In 1960 Joe Kittinger jumped from a specialised
hot air balloon at 103,000 feet, he fell to Earth
at the speed of sound.
look here and here to see his jump.


  1. Your work is becoming more and more beautiful! i love all this background/inspiration information.:^)

  2. nice to see the imagery that inspires you
    I am always a fan of your compositions.

  3. I do love love love this piece of yours, Renilde :) and I am totally fascinated by those kites and balloons! What a fabulous book. Thanks for this. Kx

  4. dear renilde,
    you open a brand new world to me, embroidery
    is something i never mentioned before. now i'm totally
    impressed by your work and the green drop is my favorite green ever, i love to use it in my work to. the strangest thing is that
    i even started to knit a scarf (?? thing to put around your neck).
    oh and i adore people like this man, who tried to fly,
    people who don't care what other people say,
    because they just follow their dream...
    have a wonderful, good week, julia

  5. What an amazing life experience must be to dive in space!
    Thanks for sharing your inspirations, Renilde.
    Have a good week.

  6. Your embroidery is amazing! So worked out, I admire it. I like the design.

  7. very neat! the negative space really makes the needle worked areas pop.

  8. a cody kite, one of my favs
    Mister kay did makes one years ago

  9. hello
    Are the double spreads shown (with kites) coming from a dutch book ?
    Could you give us some details ?