March 11, 2012


What a gorgeous weather it was today!
I had a walk with friends & a big icecream of course :)
The fuzzy ball in the middle of the picture above is a sunbathing
bumblebee, she sat there motionless on a blossom, could be
she was just waking from hibernation, who knows.

I started a new set of potholders, more pictures later.


  1. oh mooi,dat blauw,de lucht met jonge blaadjes.
    En weer zo'n nieuwe mooie pannelap.

  2. oh, u pannelappen zijn echt de beste van de wereld !

  3. die pannelap is prachtig
    en ja
    dat weer
    is genieten!!

  4. Dat hadden we nodig, zo'n weertje. En heel veel zin in nieuwe dingen. Lentefrisse pannelappen bijvoorbeeld.
    Het wordt nog enkele dagen zonnig. Geniet!

  5. What a nice pictures ! A potholder like a sun !

  6. wow wow, blossoms! bumblebees! ice-cream! spring is not that far here yet, but it´s coming, it´s coming..
    it was just in the newspaper, that the bears in Helsinki zoo woke up from their winter sleep. 4 months they have been snoring in the caves, now they got out and were playing in the sun and in the snow. spring!

  7. fijn om te zien dat je geniet van de zon. Ik ben zondag ook op zoek gegaan naar een ijsje, heb me over-eten omdat ik ZO veel zin had in de lente.

  8. I love your potholders, and can't wait to see this new batch. more pics!

  9. there is something beautiful about how this unfinished potholder looks here.