April 03, 2012

My place.

I like to take pictures when the sun pops in, everything seems
so much nicer when it is topped with sunlight :)
this photo was taken last weekend, it was such a gloomy, gray day with
occasional drizzle, but by the evening the sun was there for only
a brief moment, just before she disappeared behind the roofs;
I think it is great to have a camera at such moments, it makes my day :)

... and I've seen the most whimsical lightspots this spring;
some time ago it was as if an embroidery was on fire!

... and I hope you don't mind to get bombarded with potholders
the first following weeks, because I have many to show you!

Toedeloe :)
and sweet dreams

( by the way, Tom Boonen has won The Tour.)
( would you like to take a look in my kitchen closet?? )


  1. i smiled when I saw the pretty harlequin cross stitch … I've been working a hooked chair mat for years. Now to haul it out and finish it. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. love your kitchen closet -- strikes such a perfect balance between messiness + order! : )

  3. i love this word "toedeloe" even if i don't know what it means. i'll check it right now.
    you captured amazing lights.

  4. to Caterine: it means 'bye bye'

  5. i wish my apartment looked like yours :)

  6. Ho! Is this beautiful embroidery for sale? I love it!

  7. die lichtvlek op dat borduursel lijkt wel een kuikentje, het heeft zelfs een oogje (dat ruitje) mooie post renilde!
    toedeloe, slaapwel! x

  8. The last image is just so magical! Oh I love to see lots of your potholders!

  9. Over here I think we might say: tootle loo

    What's not to love about that place of yours?
    Especially with the sunshine at play.

  10. You are right ! The natural sunlight is just the best partner for photography!

  11. wat een fijne post
    dat hoekje van je huis
    en de zon, de zon!
    en nee, ik word niet moe van de potholders

    fijne dag


  12. I like the fact that you said "she" to the sun! this post is so beautiful, it puts me in good mood! your pot-holders are great (I like the second one a lot). And your embroidery on fire can be an omen of good things coming to you (don't think of fire in its negative connotation, I see fire as an element that arise from earth). OK enough, sorry Renilde with you my comments always take strange paths...I can't help it! :D

  13. Laat de pannenlappen maar komen, wat een kleurenpracht. En ik heb eens in jouw kast gepiept...

  14. bomb with those potholders as much as you can! they are such a joy to look at:)
    and so are all these photos with springful lightspots. i also like to take my camera then when the sun makes a visit in to our house. it´s always nice to observe reflections and shadows, it´s like a living light installation.

  15. your potholders are hot like sun :) so let them shine!

  16. Thank you all!
    they're coming soon :^)

  17. Beautiful light ... makes your apartment more beautiful!

  18. Oh beautiful photos, especially love the last one.

  19. I agree about the camera. Having mine at just the right moment is such a joy. Looking back on the photos taken at special moments of sunshine or darkness or gloaming...wonderful.

  20. I was just about to comment on the light within the photos! It is really enjoyable how the light itself is of a focal dimension. Nice.