May 15, 2011

Red orchard, part two

I finished the Red Orchard embroiderie last week
and made a few changes as you can see,
some trees are removed again and some are new,
also the red house in the middle and the white one
in the left corner. I'm not quite sure about the
composition, could be I will do some more small
changes, we'll see.
The embroiderie below with the sunrise you already know;
I'm only showing this one again because they are both
part of the Land of Rivers series.
The cactus in photo 3 is not exactly a plant that grows near a
river but it reminds me a bit of the ball tree :^)
I took that picture from this book.
The photo with the string of hearts in the
morninglight was taken on my terrace.

Goodnight :^)


  1. It's a very special embroidery. It works inspiring. Amazing job!

  2. Spare, poignant, beautiful! Lovely work!

  3. Wow Renilde - they are just wonderful!! I love them and your ball tree is just fabulous :) I see what you mean about the red house in the middle - it does dominant but not too badly. It's just beautiful work. Kx

  4. weer geweldig mooi werk. Waar gaat de reeks naartoe? heb je al een doel voor ogen of evolueert het gewoon stilletjes?

  5. I wouldn't change a jota, so beautiful! have a nice week Renilde (don't watch too bloody films

  6. wow, amazing work as usual!*
    I wish you a nice and creative week!*

  7. beautiful beautiful Renilde, you have a lovely eye. Still loving your stitches! I used to have one of those heart plants but I think it was lost and overgrown in my old garden... I must try to find some more somewhere - it's so sweet isn't it? xo

  8. Lovely embroidery. I also like your string of hearts.

  9. oh I am looking for a little saxifraga like this one!

  10. thanks ladies :^)

    to jokemijn: ik weet het eigenlijk zelf nog niet; het zal inderdaad stilletjes evolueren:)

    to alessandra: did I tell you I like true blood???? because I forgot! I'm waiting for season 3 :^)

  11. This is my first visit here and I really like your work. The embroidery is wunderful among lots of other things......
    best regards

  12. schooooon!!!!

  13. wow ! I really love your work! just perfect! congrats!