May 09, 2011

My home.

A super cosy wood pigeon nest in the Wisteria,
a panda plate made by Nina, the girl downstairs,
flowering sage on the terrace in the evening light.
It is almost a year now since I moved in here,
really love this place ...
however, still got a lot to finish here...
such as moving my bed to the bedroom;
but I always find a good excuse to put off this unpleasant job,
the bed is still there where it was one year ago...
in the livingroom
but who cares :^)

Good Night!


  1. oh wat mooi dat bord :)
    je huis is het gezelligste ooit!

  2. cheers to your place! my bed is also mostly in the livingroom, mostly because it's amazing to wake up here, so it'll stay :)

  3. och, als je het maar fijn hebt!

  4. He Renild, ik heb vandaag mijn garaalplantstekjes verpot, als de worteltjes zich hebben vastgezet kom ik er eentje brengen, kan ik ineens je bedkamer zien,
    het ziet er wel fijn uit!
    groetjes zjé

  5. That's so funny, Renilde. If you love the bed in the living room, then why not? You could always turn your bedroom into the living room ? ;) I can't believe it's been a year! Time goes quickly. Kx

  6. gosh one year already?
    Kylie's idea sounds good : )))

  7. Very cute panda plate. And beautiful photos on your blog in general. Greetings from Lisa, copenhagen

  8. a year oh my and your blog is still so wonderful the nest is adorable