May 18, 2011

More trimmings.

Almost can't believe the Wisteria and Virginia
Creeper are growing that fast
! But I do like the trimming,
it's a relaxing and nice job.
The sun was still shining when I got home in the evening :^)

Old Lilac tree in Katleen's garden.

My ruccola sprouts.
More gardening in another post!

Goodnight :)


  1. love what you do here and i'm so jealous of your ruccola - i have squirrels who rip everything out grrrrrr

  2. I love your simple life, it is so sweet, your blog really remind me what I love to do in life every time when I look at those lovely photos.
    Have a wonderful day!! and looking forward to see more of your garden.

  3. Your garden looks divine Renilde. So lovely to see all these gardens actually. Enjoy the sun! :) Kx

  4. gardens and gardening!!!!!
    among the best things in life.

    it´s raining here so thank you for the sunshine as well :)

  5. i stopped dreaming about my own garden, i am afraid i would be a horrible gardener, so i enjoy other peoples gardens, in the web and IRL.
    I like your garden!
    beste wishes from Berlin

  6. u saladespruitjes zien er zeer goed uit en ze hebben ook een hele mooie kleur vind ik.