May 02, 2012


The potholders arrived at MR KITLY shop!
... and also some cushions and mobiles.
They're all on my flickr.

Ceramic teapot made by Shino Takeda, love!
MR KITLY news.

The ceramic blue 'thing' in the first pic comes from the thriftstore,
it has cost me 0,20€, but I don't know what it is;
I can vaguely distinguish an upright and a pendulous blue ear :^)

reminds me of
Donnie Darko, one of my favourite movies!

Sweet dreams :^)


  1. Ooo, yes! It is VERY Donnie Darko, isn't it?! Love that movie (love Jake Gyllenhaal too!) That is a gorgeous potholder. Mine arrived from 'Knots' yesterday... *love* it :)

  2. How wonderful that this package didn't get lost in transit! Hooray for international postage! And DD is SUCH a fantastic and underrated film... xoxo

  3. Just love the pot holder and that tea pot!

  4. Oh, and I was going to say that I LOVED Donnie Darko and am glad to hear that there are others who love it too. Most of my friends found the movie odd and dark - but that is what made it so great ...

  5. Thank you :)
    nice to meet some DD fans!
    do you also remember the wormhole? :^)

  6. Fan too of Donnie Darko, I still think about the meaning of that story sometimes.
    That teapot is so beautiful.
    The blue thingy it's indeed a weird and intriguing thing, it seems like a snake to me.
    Cheerio :-)

  7. What a coincidence. I was just watching a clip from Donnie Darko, the part where Head Over Heels play :)

  8. Hi Renilde, thank you for introducing me to Mr. Kitly, it's in my own backyard! Look forward to visiting( & maybe if they are still there) admire your work in the real :) Thanks

  9. I love Shino´s work. I would like to sell her ceramics at my future shop...