January 03, 2012

Looking after Stella.

I was allowed to use my neighbor's home as a setting for
my cushions ( while I was taking care for their cat Stella :^)
So on Thursday morning, shortly after they left, I ran
downstairs - my pyjamas still on - to capture the only ray
of sun in an otherwise dark and dreary week;
I have taken as many pictures as I could during that
Half Hour Sun;
the picture below is one of those series.
The other photo was taken by night with almost
no light; I had brought that snowberry branch with me,
so I cheated a little.
The white spot on the right is Stella's face.

I had a free ticket for the Peter Lindbergh exhibition :^)
this was my favourite photo.

Sweet dreams :^)


  1. Ik heb enkele van je kussens gezien bij Huis Mortier. Ze zijn prachtig!

  2. that photo is real great.

  3. happy new year and lovely sun-chasing photos. i like that photo too :)

  4. I love Peter Lindbergh ...I should try to go to Antwerpen in the next couple of weeks