December 30, 2011

After Braeckman.

After the exhibition, in the train on the way back, we started
to compare each others pictures we had taken in the
museum; many of the photos had a clear Braeckman
influence, so we started giggling and joking and decided to manipulate
some of the pictures in a Braeckman-way and make an additional
Braeckman inspired post :^)
The first and bottom pic were taken in the museum M, the
middle picture is my mom on the right, our neighbor Jen in
the middle and her sister in-laws José on the left.
I would just mention that Jen, our neighbor had the airs of a diva,
as if she were Ava Gardner playing a housewife and as a child
I really liked her long tanned legs :^)
My mom was wearing nylons.

Have a look at Mieke's creations too.

Ok, this is the last post for this year :)
I wish you all a very nice and creative 2012!!


  1. this was fun!
    and Happy, lovely, creative new year to you too Renilde!

  2. wishing you a wonderful 2012
    and some coffee with you in Antwerpen

  3. happy new year renilde!
    many happy wishes for 2012

  4. mooie afsluitende post, wens je een heel gelukkig Nieuwjaar en een heel mooi creatief jaar!

  5. oh, how fun! and what a great story about the ladies on the sofa.

    happy new year to you too, renilde!

  6. Thanks... Great year to you too... Lots of inspiration/....